Red Oxygen offers eight unique products to help you send & receive SMS from your PC, through whichever platform is most convenient.

Whether that’s Outlook, Gmail, SharePoint, a Web browser, our custom software, or API integration with your company’s CRM, our bulk SMS gateway will deliver.


Time-Saving Efficiency

  • Import hundreds of contacts from Excel spreadsheets. Then message them all at once, through our bulk SMS gateway.
  • Preschedule SMS to automatically send at specified future times, for punctual notifications & calendar reminders.

Instant Read-Times

  • 90% of SMS are read within 30 seconds, whereas the average email read-time is 48 hours. Email is the new snail mail. Plus, SMS never land in a Junk folder.
  • Reach people wherever they’re at – even if that’s away from their PC or abroad. Unicode SMS delivered to any country.

Optimized Workforce

  • Time-sensitive notices are read right away, enabling swift responses when there is a change of plans or emergency.
  • Instant communication reduces unnecessary misconceptions & time wasted briefing staff on info they should already know.

Getting Started

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      Create your 15 day, no-obligation trial account. Completely free. No credit card info collected. Includes 25 SMS credits.   Learn More

      Install Product

      Configure your chosen product. Begin sending messages! Switch products any time. Your SMS credits work with all of them.   Learn More


      Pricing is based on the number of SMS sent & received. Free cancellation any time. Live customer support.   Learn More