Web SMS Example

Send SMS Over the Internet

  • Use any computer or mobile device with internet access to quickly and easily send texts from your web browser.
  • Send SMS messages to clients and customers anywhere across the globe.
  • Receive replies from your customers in your email inbox or phone.
  • Send pre-scheduled SMS messages when your work computer is off.
  • Web SMS portal can be used on any computer regardless of the operating system and works on most phones.

Log into the Web SMS Portal


Any time. Any internet connection. Anywhere.

With Red Oxygen’s Web SMS solution, you can send and reply to business text messages using only our online portal. Red Oxygen’s web portal lets you use SMS services without installing additional software and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Whether you need to send an emergency update while out of the office or keep your customers informed while your regular work computer is unavailable, you can use the web portal to send important information regardless of the device you’re on.

Special Features of  Web SMS

  • Organized SMS records: View a full report of your sent and received SMS messages from your inbox.
  • No installation required: Web SMS is browser-based, so no need to install additional software on your computer if you don’t want to, send text messages to customers’ phones directly from the web.
  • Contact lists: Use your contacts from your address books and create distribution lists for easy bulk messaging.
  • Streamline your messages: No need to type out the same message over and over, create templates that can be stored and accessed through the Web SMS interface.
  • Schedule and save time: Schedule one SMS to send on a certain day and time, or schedule all of your SMS texts for the week. Either way it will save you valuable time and brainpower.
  • SMS signatures: Add your personally designed signature to your SMS messages.

Web SMS is a self-contained interface with an inbox, address book, records of sent items and preferences specific to Web SMS. Replies from clients land in your email inbox, or you can choose to have them delivered to your mobile device instead, either way they will be recorded and can be accessed in the Web SMS inbox.

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How to Use Web SMS

Login: Go to the Red Oxygen’s internet portal and log in using your registered email and password.

Easy to Use: Sending a new SMS is easy, open the new message tab, add recipients from your address book, review the message and send it to your recipients’ phones from your computer.

Check that your browser supports cookies, as older browsers and those that don’t allow cookies won’t be able to use the online system. To learn how to allow cookies on your Red Oxygen Web SMS portal, follow our brief troubleshooting guide.

Additional Instructions

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Red Oxygen’s Ready When You Are

When you need to send web text messages to phones from your computer, download Red Oxygen and start your SMS campaign today.

  • Free Trial: Try Red Oxygen before you buy it with a 15-day free trial. Free SMS credits when signing up with a business domain email.
  • Download Software: Install a Red Oxygen solution or to get started right away just log into Web SMS.
  • Upgrade to a Paid Account: Browse our selection of SMS messaging plans and choose one that’s right for your business.