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Other Questions?
Why do U.S. customers have to register their brand and messages?

The major U.S. carriers (e.g., AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint, etc.) are requiring that brands and campaigns (i.e., message samples) be registered in an effort to reduce spam and possibly increase throughput.

The Campaign Registry is the independent agency these major carriers have contracted as their reputation authority of business messaging on 10dlc.

Red Oxygen is offering to register your information to help avoid future fees from the carriers.

We have several blog posts on this matter, but maybe start with this one. If you are ready to supply your information please fill out this form.

How can I upgrade to a paid account?

To set up a paid account, start a free trial. Once you have downloaded the software and sent a few test messages, you can upgrade your trial to a paid account.

How can I change my daily message limit?

Your daily message limit is set to 10 by default.

To have this changed, please email sales@redoxygen.com

What is the difference between a user and an administrator?

A user can send text messages. An administrator can manage an account.

For an administrator to send messages they must also be added as a user…best to use the same password for your administrator login and your your user login to avoid confusion in the future.

I have a trial account and my messages aren't being delivered.

The most likely reason for this, is during your trial account you can only send messages to the number you supplied on the sign-up form. This restriction will be removed once you sign up for a paid account.

If you need to send messages to another person, or plan on using bulk messaging and need to test with a list, just contact Sales and they’ll hook you up.

How can I manage administrators in my account?

To do this:

How can I manage users in my account?

To do this:

What can I do if I keep getting error emails from Red Oxygen?

Please submit a support ticket and they help get it taken care of.

What is the OMS service provider URL?

The service provider URL is: https://www2.redoxygen.net/oms/service.asmx.

How do I get a new installation code for Office SMS?
  • To get a new installation code…
  • Click the “Tools” menu in Microsoft Outlook
  • Click “Office SMS Options…”
  • Click the “Account Settings” tab
  • Click “Account Management”
  • Click “Create or update new Office SMS account on server
How do I make my Office SMS toolbar come back?

There are a few possible causes for this…

One of the Outlook plug-ins installed on your computer is conflicting with Office SMS. To check this:

  • Click the “Help” menu in Microsoft Outlook and click “About Microsoft Outlook”
  • Click “Disabled Items”
  • If Office SMS is listed, then it has been disabled
  • The Office SMS toolbar has been turned off. To check this:
  • Click the “View” menu in Microsoft Outlook and click “Toolbars”
  • Ensure that “Office SMS” is turned on

There is some other problem pertaining to Microsoft Outlook. To fix this:

  • Click the “Help” menu in Microsoft Outlook and click “Detect and Repair…”
  • Click “Start”
  • Re-install Office SMS
What is the best way to reliably send urgent alerts to my network?

Ensuring that each and every one of your time-critical bulk messages reach their intended recipients is essential. However, the increasingly strict anti-SPAM policies of carriers are blocking good messages along with the bad. Below, we offer our two best tips to ensure all your important bulk SMS messages are successfully delivered.

1. Personalize SMS – By personalizing your outgoing bulk messages with recipients’ names or other unique content, you minimize the appearance of duplicate content, thereby reducing the risk of any messages being blocked by the receiving carrier for violating their policies. You can accomplish this using the mail merge feature of our Bulk SMS product.

2. Avoid Sending URLs, Email Addresses, or Phone Numbers – When possible, avoid using including any of these in your bulk SMS blasts. Carriers view them as suspicious and are more likely to block message deliveries.

How do I become a reseller?

Details can be found on our Resellers page.

How long is a standard SMS?

The standard SMS is 160 GSM characters or 70 characters when sending in Unicode (Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.).

Red Oxygen supports messages of up to 765 characters, sent as 5 SMS. If you regularly send messages of similar length reach out to your sales rep to make sure your account is set up to be the most efficient.

How do I activate my call forwarding?

Only account admin can activate call forwarding on your dedicated number/s by following the instructions below.


  • Step 1 – Log into admin account.
  • Step 2 – Scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Dedicated Numbers” section.
  • Step 3 – Click the “Add Number” hyperlink.
  • Step 4 – In the “Call forwarding number: +” field, input the desired number for inbound calls to your dedicated number to be forwarded to. (Note: The number you input must be formatted with a “1” for the country code as the first digit. For example,17129651234.)
  • Step 5 – Click the “Submit” button.

If you have questions or encounter difficulties, please submit a support ticket or LiveChat.

Questions about the SPAM Act that Red Oxygen adheres to?

As Australia’s Spam Act is the most secure and strict, Red Oxygen uses this as our baseline for compliance.

Download PDF

The CTIA guide is a good reference as well.


Why am I not receiving replies to my phone even though I have that option selected?

A dedicated number is the most likely culprit.

Dedicated numbers are great for easy identification by customers on their caller ID, they can be stored in contacts to be used for future communications. They can even be published on collateral, business cards or websites and the SMS will always be directed back to you.

BUT they only work if you’re having the replies go to your email inbox.

If you’d prefer to replies be directed to your phone then you’ll need to drop the dedicated number. Without a dedicated number your message will go out on one of Red Oxygen’s one-off numbers, you will then be able to receive replies on your phone (or email, if you wish), though the connection expires after 90 days.

If you’d like to use your dedicated number, you’ll need to select for replies to go to your email only.

If you’re still having a reply issue, submit a support ticket and they’ll gladly check it out.

How do I reset my password?

Submit a ticket to have your password reset.

Just a reminder: if you’re an admin you have two passwords, one for your admin access, and one for user access so you can send messages. These can be the same, you’ll just need to remember to tell support to reset both.

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