Send Scheduled Text Messages

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Schedule Future SMS Sends

The following product options enable you to queue up messages you’ve written to be automatically delivered as SMS to specified recipients at a future time of your choosing. Queued SMS messages are stored on Red Oxygen’s servers, so they will still be delivered even if your computer is off.

Office SMS: This software seamlessly integrates with Outlook to embed a prominent “New SMS Message” button to its user interface. All inbound and outbound SMS messages are stored in your Inbox and Sent Items folders respectively, just like emails. Office SMS provides full connectivity with your Outlook address book.

Office Mobile Service: This inbuilt Outlook and SharePoint feature enables you to send SMS to people straight from your toolbar. Full address book connectivity. When message recipients respond to your SMS, their replies are delivered to your Inbox. No download required. (Note: Scheduled SMS will not be delivered when your PC is off.)

Web SMS: This web portal enables you to send SMS messages from web browsers, by simply logging into our website, typing out your message, and hitting “Send.” No installation required. When recipients respond, their SMS replies will be delivered as emails to the Inbox of the email address associated with your account. Import contacts from Excel spreadsheets. Create distributions lists.

Bulk SMS: This software allows you to import full contact lists from Excel spreadsheets and then message hundreds of people all at once. Personalize SMS using custom messages templates. Supported by Windows and Linux.

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