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SMS texting API can transform your communication systems into an efficient and seamless operation. It serves as an intermediary between your current software and Red Oxygen’s SMS texting API. 

  • Take advantage of your company’s existing program infrastructure by combining it with the communication power of our SMS gateway API.
  • Upload distribution lists and message hundreds of clients and colleagues at once
  • Receive automated SMS alerts for any server events
  • Schedule SMS messages for any time in the future, even if your computer is off.
  • Send your messages worldwide with the international SMS gateway API.

SMS texting made easy with
Red Oxygen's API

With a short message service (SMS) gateway application programming interface (API), you can take advantage of your existing workplace databases to keep relaying information via SMS. Today, a text message is often the easiest way to grab your recipients’ attention. With an SMS texting API integration, you can send pertinent information out without having to change applications, be that payment reminders, appointment notices, security codes or alerts.

When you’re ready to integrate your existing software with an SMS texting  API, consult Red Oxygen to learn more about our services.

Global Reach SMS Gateway

Our SMS texting API solution makes sending messages globally easier and more reliable. Red Oxygen has redundant routing options to get your messages delivered to the their intended recipient. Depending on the region, we can reroute messages to mulitple downstream partners even if there’s an SMS traffic jam somewhere in the network.

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Business SMS API

Many organizations and industries can benefit from SMS texting API through SMS as a service or for organizations needing to send out reminders or alerts. When you’re developing new software for your university, car dealership or medical clients, integrating our SMS API gateway can help you build an efficient communication system for your recipients that will allow them to call you back, reply or stop the service:

  • Send appointment reminders to one person or a group of recipients.
  • Alert students to register or apply at a learning institution.
  • Send pertinent information to medical or car insurance clients.

For many businesses, the benefits far outweigh SMS API costs. Sending bulk SMS messages allows you to capitalize on labor and communicate seamlessly for just pennies a send.

Special Features

With several key benefits, our SMS texting API solution can help your business or organization reach more recipients. Send messages swiftly and safely while maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your current operations.


Platform Flexibility

Red Oxygen's SMS gateway API works on several platforms, including Windows and Uniplexed Information and Computing Service (UNIX).


Automatic Authentication

Your account can be configured to automatically authenticate SMS messages based on an email address and IP address.


Push Replies

Replies can be sent straight to your API through an extensible markup language (XML) post to a specified web service.


Support for Multiple Programming Languages

Red Oxygen supports C#, C++, Delphi, Java, Perl, PHP and Visual Basic.


No Hardware Needed

Comes with customer relationship management (CRM) SMS integration capabilities.


White Label Interface

Need the SMS interface in your software to be seamless? We can add your logo and information to the admin/billing portal.

What is an API?

Application program interfaces (APIs) allow databases and applications to communicate with each other. For example, if a hot tub reseller wants to display the weather from their local news station on their website, they would use an API to request the information from the news station’s weather database to then display on their site. Or maybe you utilize membership database software, and you’d like to send SMS to some of your members without having to leave the software interface…Red Oxygen’s API is the perfect solution.

APIs also add a layer of privacy and protection as the go-between that never allows the two to directly interface with each other.

Red Oxygen’s API SMS gateway consists of a core API, extended API and command API. Together, Red Oxygen can help you reach clients and customers faster than ever while giving your business an extra layer of privacy.

SMS Texting API Benefits

Your company can enjoy several benefits when using integrated SMS API from Red Oxygen. We leverage our decades of industry experience to create seamless and easy-to-use tools you can set up straight away:

Message threads

For efficient and effective communication, your recipient can continue an SMS conversation with you if they wish.

Tailored area code

Recipients are more likely to open or respond to a text message using an area code local to them.

Call forwarding

Facilitate better communication with clients or employees. Recipients can call the number they received the SMS from, routed to an office or personal number.

No blocking

By customizing your communications, you personalize your text messages with detailed information and stay compliant.

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Red Oxygen SMS Solutions

For over 20 years, Red Oxygen has been supplying businesses with SMS solutions. Our easy-to-set-up solutions can help reach your entire contact list and convert new customers into repeat customers with simple 2-way communication and reliable throughput. We’ve connected over 300,000 users to clients worldwide and can send your messages to almost any country. Whether you need SMS solutions for Office, Outlook, Gmail, bulk or web, we’ll help get your message out.

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SMS Gateway API Resources

Core API

SMTP API (Email)  HTTP API (Internet)

Instructions  Download


Extended API

COM Object  DLL Library

Instructions  Download


Command API

For Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, & 10 and Windows Server 2008+

Instructions  Download

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FAQs About an SMS API

Here are a few frequently asked questions about an SMS API.

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What is an SMS API?

An SMS API is a software interface that integrates with your business’s existing systems or applications, enabling text messaging capabilities. The software intermediary allows two applications to communicate and work with each other so you can instantly send and receive messages from any website or computer application.

How do you integrate an SMS API?

An SMS API can be integrated into almost any software or application using a dedicated API code. Integrating the API typically involves connecting one software with another through the programming interface to form a unified system. 

The integration process differs depending on the SMS API provider and the software you use. Red Oxygen offers a seamless and quick integration designed to align with your methods, challenges and functional needs. 

How does an SMS API work?

An SMS API acts as a channel for communication between your applications and the SMS platform. The software connects telecommunication carriers to the internet, eliminating the need for an additional platform or manual intervention to facilitate communication. 

To start using an SMS API, you must integrate the software with your existing systems, such as a CRM, enterprise resource planning (ERP) or other tools. Once the integration is complete, API protocols enable automatic sending and receiving of messages as well as alerting to any errors that occur during the process. 

For example, if a customer fills out a request form on your website, the inquiry goes directly to your CRM platform, which automatically sends an SMS back to the customer with the appropriate response. 

What are the benefits of using an SMS API?
  • Workflow efficiency: SMS API integration allows for the automation of sending and receiving messages, eliminating the need for manual staff management. With automated messages, you can save your team a significant amount of time, which can help improve workflow efficiency and productivity.
  • Visibility and tracking: An SMS API enables you to monitor your messaging efforts. With the software platform, you can see when messages reach the recipients. If they are not delivered, you can take the necessary steps to ensure they make it to their destination. 
  • Flexible features: SMS APIs can be customized to meet your business’s needs and communication strategy. On top of integrating with almost any application you choose, the software has a host of features, such as bulk messages, to help enhance your messaging capabilities.
  • Instant communication: SMS allows you to send messages to targeted users at a greater scale with improved speed. Important messages, notifications or reminders can quickly reach your customers from any device. As a result, your business’s communication becomes faster, more reliable and consistent. 

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