Dynamic Link Library (DLL)


The DLL in turns uses HTTP to communicate with the Red Oxygen server. If your network uses a proxy server your application will need to call the SetProxyDetails function prior to sending SMS messages.


Installing the DLL simply requires the redoxygen.dll file be copied to a directory in the PATH or it can be explicitly referenced in any directory with a full path in the declaration.


int SendSMS(char *AccountID, char *EmailAddress, char *Password, char *Recipient, char *Message)
	HMODULE RedOxygenLibrary;
	SendSMSFunction *SendSMS;
	int Result;
	RedOxygenLibrary = LoadLibrary("redoxygen.dll");
	SendSMS = (SendSMSFunction *) GetProcAddress(RedOxygenLibrary, "SendSMS");
	Result = SendSMS(AccountID, EmailAddress, Password, Recipient, Message);
	return Result;


Name Type Description Example
AccountId String This is your Red Oxygen Account ID, which uniquely identifies your account. CI00000001
Email String This is the email address of your Red Oxygen user account. It is also the address that will receive replies to the sent SMS. username@company.com
Password String This is the password of your Red Oxygen user account. secret
ProxyAddress String This is the IP address or machine name of your proxy server.
ProxyPassword String This is your proxy server password. secret
ProxyPort Long Specifies what port your proxy server uses. 8080
ProxyType Long Sets whether you use proxy server: 0 = No proxy (default), 1 = Use Internet Explorer settings, 2 = Specify your proxy server. 1
ProxyUserName String This is your proxy server username. proxy

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