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Send Text Messages From Outlook

Send and receive SMS directly from Microsoft Outlook just like email, using our Office SMS software.

*See notice below about upcoming changes—this does not affect Office 2007-2021 users at this time.

*Changes Coming to Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft 365 will not be supporting COM add-ins on the newest version Outlook, meaning the current Red Oxygen Office SMS solution will not work with the update, or any other COM add-in you’re currently using.

But have no fear, while Red Oxygen puts the final touches on our new software solution you can continue using Office SMS on the classic version of Microsoft 365’s Outlook application (don’t toggle to the preview version) or the Office 2007- 2021 applications.

Red Oxygen is on top of it and will be unveiling our new software in the coming weeks—stay tuned.

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Once your account, trial or paid, is up and running you can use Office SMS or any other Red Oxygen solution with the same account credentials. You can use any or all of the solutions at no extra charge, switching whenever you’d like.

Office SMS set-up instructions and install file:

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How to Send Text Messages From Outlook

  • Simply click the “New SMS Message” button which is added into your Quick Access Toolbar to send SMS from Outlook
  • When recipients of your messages reply back to you, their messages will be sent from their phones as SMS, but will be delivered to your Outlook inbox as emails
  • Compatible with Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365
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No Limits, Just Choices: Test Different SMS Solutions with Red Oxygen!

  • Free Trial: Sign up for your free 15 day, no-commitment trial account. Free SMS credits are included.
  • Download Software: How do you want to send your SMS texts? Select one, if you want to try a different option you can switch products at any time. Your account information and credits work with any product.
  • Upgrade to a Paid Account: Any time during your trial, select a pricing plan and make a purchase. Our team is here to help you choose the plan best-suited to your needs.

Product Comparison Overview


Office SMS:

  • Compatible with any version of Outlook, from XP through Office 365
  • Sends scheduled SMS messages even if your computer is off

OMS: Learn More

  • Specifically compatible with Outlook 2010 & 2007
  • No download necessary
  • Option to also have specified message replies forwarded to your cell phone