Sending Bulk Text Messages

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Send Bulk Text Messages From Your Computer

With 2 trillion text messages sent in one year in the U.S. alone, text messaging has become one of the most popular methods of communication. If you need to reach multiple employees, customers, patients or members through text messaging, you need a bulk SMS messaging service. With tools from Red Oxygen, you can reach people on their mobile phones in a way that is automated and convenient for you and is personalized for each recipient.

What Is Bulk SMS Messaging?

SMS stands for Short Message Service. When you want to send SMS messages to a large group of people at once, this is known as bulk SMS messaging. To make this type of messaging easier involves the use of a software application and an SMS gateway to distribute text messages to various recipients. The alternative would be manually adding contacts to a text message, compiling a distribution list or composing texts individually. These options would be extremely time-consuming, making bulk text messaging platforms essential.

With bulk messaging services, text messages are sent as individual texts but don’t require senders to compose them individually. Even with individual text messages, some recipients’ phones may block generic messages that are sent en masse if they have duplicate content. With bulk messaging services from Red Oxygen, you can personalize text messages for each recipient. Rather than having to customize each message manually, the software will use your templates, combined with your spreadsheet of data on your recipients, to effortlessly create personalized messages for each one.

This personalization makes it far more likely that recipients will actually receive your text messages, and it can help you connect with them in a more meaningful way than you could with a generic message. Something as simple as the recipient’s name at the start of the message gives the text message a more personal touch, making it more appealing and helping it avoid being classified as spam and getting blocked by recipients’ carriers.

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Solutions for Bulk SMS Messaging

Red Oxygen offers two product solutions to help you send bulk SMS messages. The following product options enable you to easily send bulk SMS distributions to full lists of contacts with a single blast from the convenience of your PC. And it’s easy to personalize individual SMS messages, even in large distributions.

The main difference between these two products is the way they integrate with your existing tools, so you can find a solution that is ideal for you.

Bulk SMS: The best choice for a stand-alone solution.

With this software, you can import your contact lists from any spreadsheet saved as a .csv file. You can create templates and custom messages to help you contact hundreds of people at once. Bulk SMS distributions can be scheduled to automatically send at a future time, even if your computer is off. This software is supported by both Windows and Linux and can easily be installed without needing a developer.

SMS Gateway API: Best choice to integrate with your existing communication infrastructures, such as member management software, CRM, or ERM.

This application programming interface (API) integrates with your existing communication infrastructure and depending on your existing software it may enable you to send SMS to entire distribution lists of contacts using the messaging system you’re used to—with no additional hardware needed. Intelligently reply to SMS using customizable features exclusive to Red Oxygen’s SMS gateway API.

The simplest way to send bulk text messages

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Who Needs Bulk SMS?

A variety of businesses and institutions can use bulk SMS messaging to reach people. Some examples include:

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