OfficeSMS 365 (beta)

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Send SMS From Office 365 Online

Send SMS messages directly from your Office 365 Outlook account, accessed through a browser.

  • Outgoing messages are delivered to the mobile devices of recipients as SMS.
  • Incoming replies are delivered as emails to your inbox.

Special Features of OfficeSMS 365 Outlook Web* Access


Quick Configuration

Easily send a new SMS directly from Microsoft Outlook as part of the Microsoft 365 suite.


Outlook Integration

Outgoing and incoming messages are archived in your Inbox and Sent Items folders.


Endless Accessibility

Send texts from any device that will allow you to log into your Microsoft Office 365 account.


10dlc Registration

We’ll help you stay compliant with the carriers by registering your 10dlc.


24/7 Global Support

Chat with us live or send a support ticket—A real person will always reply.


Unlimited Contacts & Lists

We’ll store as many contacts as you have, separated into as many distributions as you need.

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How to Send Office 365 Text Messaging

OfficeSMS 365 makes it simple to send and receive SMS messages from Office 365:

  • Send: Choose recipients from your Office 365 contact list and send them mobile SMS messages from your computer.
  • Receive: If a recipient replies to your message, it will appear as an email in your Office 365 inbox.
  • Organize: Sort replies into your Office 365 folders like you would with your email messages. Texts you send will have copies in your sent items folder.


*OfficeSMS 365 is available now for beta testing.

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Red Oxygen’s ready when you are!

  • Free Trial: Sign up for your free 15 day, no-commitment trial account. Free SMS credits are included.
  • Download Software: How do you want to send your SMS texts? Select one, if you want to try a different option you can switch products at any time. Your account information and credits work with any product.
  • Upgrade to a Paid Account: Any time during your trial, select a pricing plan and make a purchase. Our team is here to help you choose the plan best-suited to your needs.

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