Billing and Compliance MSP Solution


You Need An MSP.

Offering SMS in your SaaS subscription is exactly what your customers want. But losing time and money to stay on top of ever-changing fees and regulations is effecting your bottom line. Let Red Oxygen take the burden of SMS billing and compliance off your hands, so you can get back to your business at hand.


What will an SMS billing and compliance MSP do for me?


  • Aggregate all fees onto one invoice
  • Monitor The Campaign Registry (TCR) one-time brand fees and monthly campaign fees
  • Monitor mobile carrier surcharges and vetting fees
  • Monitor SMS credits, ensuring that the appropriate messages are accounted for
  • Bill customers and accept the burden of collections
  • Or supply all of the individual account fees to you to include on your invoices for a seamless customer experience
  • Manage TCR and mobile carrier payments


  • Stay on top of regulations, fees and fines that change on the daily
  • Ensure your customers registered properly register their campaigns with associated phone numbers.
  • Help add new numbers and campaigns
  • Remove old numbers and campaigns
  • Advise on message content to help ensure messages are not blocked or customers fined
  • Remove your responsibility of any fees or fines as a result of customers not being registered

Official third-party integration partnerships include our MSP solution.


Why Red Oxygen as My MSP?

With Red Oxygen’s telco-grade billing engine, we can aggregate all of the new fees onto one invoice, and save you the hassle and let you get on to the business you know, yours.

We can bill customers directly or and set up a white-label interface with your logo, so the customers don’t know the difference.

Our friendly and approachable support team is always ready to assist, and will even hop on a call and walk you through the registration form. We are available by chat, phone or email.

The A2P SMS landscape is changing, we'll help you keep on top of it.

Application to person (A2P) SMS phone numbers have always had to have some sort of registration to assign numbers to accounts, but with the newly enacted 10dlc (10-digit long code) stringent requirements, there’s fees and fines associated as well as having to supply additional company information like their EIN, along with detailed information on the content being sent. This is all in an effort to clean up the carriers routes and weed out spammers.

But it’s causing companies to to spend a lot more time and a lot more money to send their business SMS. The new one-time and monthly fees add up quickly, depending on your company type and usage, it could triple SMS costs.

Save time, make money and your customers stay compliant.

Red Oxygen will walk your customers through the process of registration, then we’ll take it from there to finish up the association with message campaigns (message content) and phone numbers so the carriers can connect the dots and feel confident about sending the message on their network.

Along with registration, there are fees, both one-time and monthly. We’ll aggregate those fees and pass them through to the customer, we don’t mark them up. They are all posted on the TCR and mobile carrier sites, but we’ve gathered them in this post about 10dlc fees and fines.