Send text messages from anywhere to anyone using Red Oxygen’s Web SMS service. Simply type your message into any web browser and click “Send.”

  • Address books and distribution lists
  • Message records
  • Scheduled SMS
  • No installation required

Special Features

Web SMS screenshot

Text Message Records: A record of the text messages you have sent and received is available via the “Inbox” and “Sent Items” screens.

Address Books and Distribution Lists: Text message recipients can be selected from an address book or distribution list. You can even choose to have a copy of the message sent to each recipient’s email address, as well.

Server Scheduled SMS: Web SMS offers you the option to schedule SMS messages to be sent at a specified future date and time. Because your scheduled messages are stored on Red Oxygen’s server, they are sent even if your computer is off.

Automatic Time Zone Detection: Web SMS automatically adjusts all dates and times to match the time zone you are in. This is useful when traveling and also means that you don’t have to worry about performing time calculations when scheduling text messages.

Signature: Just like an email, you can input a custom signature to tell recipients who the SMS message is from.

Getting Started – 2 Steps

1. Create Trial Account – Start sending messages! Free 30 day, no-commitment trial account. Includes 25 SMS credits.
2. Upgrade to a Paid Account – Any time during your trial, you can select a pricing plan for your country and make a purchase. Our Support team is happy to assist you in choosing the plan that best suits your unique needs.

Additional Info

User Instructions – Tutorials on installation, sending your first bulk texting messages, changing settings, etc.