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4 Summer SMS Tips

May 16, 2022

As the warmer days for vacations, family get-togethers and other fun summer activities arrive, your customers are on their phones more and their desktops less. They’re out exploring and spending time with family and friends, and you need the right strategies to engage them. How do you keep them engaged and ready to take advantage […]

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SMS: The Gateway to More Sales

April 25, 2022

It’s the future of mass advertising. Across industries, businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and using Short Message Service (SMS) as part of their advertising campaign. SMS is efficient, attention-generating and highly cost-effective, helping your business reach your audience more quickly and accessibly. When you take advantage of SMS, you use a gateway provider to […]

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In SMS Marketing, Timing Is Everything

January 10, 2022

If you get a message at 3 a.m. from one of your vendors, you probably won’t answer it. You want the companies you work with to respect your time, and you need information that conveniently fits your daily schedule and workflow. These same considerations are true for your clients. They want reliable timelines and messaging […]

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10 Reasons to Use SMS Mobile Marketing

November 1, 2021

With the ever-present use of cell phones, smartphones and flip-phones alike, the rise in  SMS mobile marketing was inevitable. The efficiency and effectiveness of these SMS text message marketing services and wares of your favorite stores and brands is huge compared to the minimal cost and effort of sending the message itself. It’s an excellent way to […]

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SMS for Unions

5 ways SMS Can Streamline Communications to Union Members

October 25, 2021

So much information, so little time…but SMS text messages can help you alleviate information fatigue.  Email, the tried and… over-tried and often ignored method of communicating to your union members is just not cutting it anymore. People are looking for quick easily digestible bits of information with a clear path to action.  SMS text messaging […]

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