Register Your 10dlc Campaigns


Currently, the registration process only applies to companies sending SMS to or from the U.S.


The deadlines for registration:

May 1, 2021
Deadline for registration to avoid message filtering and slowed throughput by AT&T and T-Mobile/Sprint.

June 1, 2021
Message filtering and pricey penalties will be implemented, to avoid these fines, Red Oxygen will suspend service to companies that have not attempted to register by June 1.

We want to make sure your registration goes off without a hitch to avoid any service interruptions. We’re here to answer questions, contact us or start a live chat.

Expected Fees

One-Time Fees

  • Brand registration

  • T-Mobile campaign registration

  • Red Oxygen admin fee starting May 1

Monthly Fees

  • Campaign fees
    —$2-10/month/campaign, depending on use case

  • Carrier surcharge fees
    —$0.002-0.004 per SMS


Bring’m on, we’re ready to help.