Web Administrator

web administrator screenshot

Making Data Simple

The Web Administrator allows you to manage your account: 

  • Text message reports
  • Cost centers
  • Manage users
  • Configure authentication settings
  • Purchase credits
  • View invoices

Special Features

Powerful Reporting: Graphical and table-based reports can be generated for individuals or groups of users, known as “Cost Centers”. For a given period, it is possible to see how many SMS have been sent, who the messages have been sent to and a number of other useful metrics.

User Creation and Management: The Web Administrator supports multiple levels of access within a customer’s account. For administrators with sufficient access, there are tools to create and manipulate user accounts such as setting a user’s daily text message limit.

User Usage Control: You can manage how many text messages a user sends within a 24-hour period.

Billing: Your invoice can show usage pertaining to individual users or cost centers.

Buy Credits: Purchase credits 24/7 with instant activation.

User Guides:

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