Calendar SMS

calendar sms

Send Texts from Your Calendar

Send automated SMS notices for events with our Calendar SMS software. With an intuitive UI reminiscent of Microsoft Outlook’s calendar, you simply input events (along with a message) into the calendar, then SMS will be automatically delivered to the mobile devices of specified recipients at the selected times (even if your computer is off).

Use Cases

Bill Reminders

Keep clients informed when their payment is due…and never forget to pay your bills on time.

Event Reminders

Endear yourself to clients and colleagues with an easy, but thoughtful gesture on their birthday, anniversary, or any other memorable event.

How Else Is Calendar SMS Used...

Special Offers

Keep clients apprised about your company’s latest special deals and important announcements.

Recurrent Reminders

Weekly staff meetings? Annual appointments or check-ups that also needs a 24-hour pre-appointment reminder? Set recurring reminders daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

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Start Trial: Free 15 day, no-commitment trial account. 25 SMS credits are included.

Set-up Software: Calendar SMS is easily set-up! Switch products at any time. Your credits work with any product.

Upgrade to a Paid Account: Any time during your trial, select a pricing plan and make a purchase. Our team is here to help you choose the plan best-suited to your needs.

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