Outlook Mobile Service

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Send Text Messages From Outlook

  • Send SMS using Outlook 2010, 2007 or SharePoint
  • No download necessary.
  • Send text messages from your computer as easily as sending an email.
  • When recipients reply back, their messages are delivered to your Outlook inbox as email.
  • A Microsoft-recommended third-party service provider.
  • Note: If you’re running other versions of Outlook, you might be interested in Office SMS.

Convenient Features for Efficient Texting

As a Red Oxygen product, Outlook Mobile Service offers a wide range of powerful features, including:

Contact List Connectivity:  Pick SMS message recipients from your Global Address List, contacts tab or a distribution list. Outlook Mobile Service will also enable you to create a copy of the text you sent to the recipient’s email.

Seamless Outlook Integration: The “New Text Message” menu item for Outlook Mobile Service will appear under the new items tab in your Outlook account, promoting a continuous workflow. You’ll find copies of your texts in your inbox and sent items folders, just like your email messages.

Message Forwarding: Use the message forwarding feature to forward message replies to your phone as texts.

Scheduled Texts: When composing a new text, you can specify a future time to send it. Outlook Mobile Services can also send you personal calendar reminders.

Custom SMS Signatures: Personalize messages with a signature, so people will know who’s messaging them.

Calendar Event Notices/Reminders: You can enable scanning of your Outlook Calendar, to automatically send you SMS notifications and appointment reminders.

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OMS SMS Resources

For Microsoft Outlook 2010,  2007 or SharePoint (Windows)

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Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile Service for Outlook 2007 and 2010 or Sharepoint

Red Oxygen’s Outlook Mobile Service enables you to send and receive texts from Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint. If you have Microsoft Office 365, Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, please use the Office SMS service.

Get Started With Sending Texts From Outlook for Free

It’s easy to try our Outlook Mobile Service and start using it in your daily operations. Follow these three steps:

  1. Create a 15-day, commitment-free trial account that includes 25 text messaging credits when signing up with a business domain email.
  2. Activate the Outlook Mobile Service and send text messages using its built-in SMS features.
  3. Upgrade to a paid account by choosing a price plan and making a purchase.

How to Send a Text From Your Outlook Email

The Outlook Mobile Service makes it simple to send and receive SMS messages from Outlook. Learn more about SMS communication through Outlook Mobile Service:

  • Send: Choose recipients from your Outlook contact list and send them mobile SMS messages from your computer.
  • Receive: If a recipient replies to your message, it will appear as an email in your Outlook inbox.
  • Organize: Sort replies into your Outlook folders like you would with your email messages. Texts you send will have copies in your sent items folder.

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