Thailand 2023


Now’s the Time

To cross the oceans.

To meet in person.

To share a meal.

To learn from each other.

To discuss and laugh and plan.

To strengthen the team.

To have an adventure.

Time to Rejuvenate

After three years of Zoom meetings and Slacks, we’re ready to to gather in one spot. So why not make it a beautiful one?

After a day of meetings and discussion, collaborating and coordinating, having a place to reflect is the next logical landing spot.

Exploration and shared experiences off of the hotel campus will be offered and organized along with some down-time to enjoy the surroundings.

Time to Restore

We’ll be staying at Hotel Ibis which is right off Bophut Beach.

Accommodations include all of the essentials: Beautiful views, good food and happy hours.

The meeting room for presentations and break-out sessions is in the hotel. Here we’ll be able to focus on Red Oxygen, where we want to go, how we want to get it there and when it’s going to happen. But don’t worry, it’s not all long presentations and note taking, there will be lively discussion and jovial interactions to balance things out.

Time to Reset

Our growth isn’t only found in learning new skills or software, it’s also gained by just being together in one room, in 3D, sharing space. Learning more about each other, gaining insight into how each person works, thinks and really laughs can be more beneficial than any PowerPoint presentation.


Sunday, October 29 -
Saturday, November 4


Arrive in beautiful Koh Samui.

9am Breakfast
10am Meetings and Presentations • Kick-off
• Tom’s vision
• Week outlook
• Teammate Highlights
12pm Lunch
1pm Meetings and Presentations • Tim’s vision
• Marketing will present
• ‘How to be competitive’ discussion
• Teammate Highlights
3pm Free Time & Dinner


9am Breakfast
10am Meetings and Presentations • Kick-off
• Finance will present
• System monitor/Routing overview
• Staffing coverage discussion
• Personal goals
• Teammate highlight
12pm Lunch
1pm Break-out sessions A Customer journey / sign up/upgrade —Tim, Ian, JJ, ajd, Roland, Ira, Ramesh
    React 101 —David, Adarsh, Khooshbu, Vivek, Andrew, Alex, Andrew


    Office operations and events —Elaine, Kellie, Laura


  Break-out sessions B Hash out Roadmap for Complete SMS (will likely go long, or need to be finished on another day) —Roland, Tim, Amy, Ian, Kellie


    Sales planning/training/goals —JJ, Tom, Ramesh


    Aurora/SQL statements and structures —David, Adarsh, Khooshbu, Vivek, Andrew, Alex, Andrew


3pm Free Time & Dinner Including a Halloween party (costumes provided — or bring your own if you have room in your luggage)


9am Breakfast
10am Meetings and Presentations • Kick-off
• Sales Presentation
• Customer Care Presentation
• Teammate highlight
12pm Lunch
1pm Break-out sessions A Migration Plan/Cancel customers – —Tim, Elaine, Kellie, Ira, Roland, Ian, Amy, Ramesh, JJ, Elaine, Andrew, David, Adarsh (other dev optional)


  Break-out sessions B Sales/Support—Tools and materials requirements, processes —Tom, JJ, Amy, Ramesh, Roland, Ira


    Common tools/training/plan for individuals for CSMS —Tim, Ian, Adarsh, Khooshbu, Andrew, Vivek, Alex, Kellie


  Break-out sessions C Ramesh requested to meet with: —Tim, Tom, JJ, Roland, Amy


3pm Free Time & Dinner


9am Breakfast
10am Meetings and Presentations • Kick-off
• Report—Sales goals/plan
• Report—CompleteSMS roadmap
• Teammate highlight
12pm Lunch
1pm Meetings and Presentations • Report—Office goals/plan
• Report—Marketing goals/plan
• Report—Customer Success goals/plan
• Teammate highlight
3pm Free Time & Dinner



Company day trip to Pig Island.

Yep, pigs!

We’ll take a boat trip to some nearby islands to visit with and feed the pigs that live there.

Along with petting the pigs, we’ll have some lunch and there will be plenty of time to enjoy some snorkeling, swimming or just hanging out on the beach.


Head to our respective homelands refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the goals we set for ourselves and Red Oxygen during our stay.