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Great News! We have transitioned our Chrome Extension. Now, you can easily send and receive SMS communications right through your Gmail inbox with Gmail SMS or with Web SMS using Google Chrome.

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SMS for Chrome

If you use Google’s Chrome browser (or any web browser), you can easily send text messages through Red Oxygen’s Web SMS portal. There’s no need to install additional software. You can access Web SMS from any device that has Chrome installed.

Our Chrome-based online portal is ideal for teams that work remotely since it can function wherever Chrome is. You don’t have to log onto your work computer to send messages. Using Web SMS or Gmail SMS on your Chrome browser gives you flexibility and allows you to send emergency updates from anywhere or texts while working from home.

User Guide  Configuration

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Features when Sending SMS using Chrome Browser Options

Using our Web SMS or Gmail SMS with your Chrome browser offers multiple benefits. You can take advantage of features such as:

  • Contact and distribution lists: Import contact lists from address books, and create distribution lists Web SMS to send bulk messages efficiently.
  • Sent and received message reports: Track all the messages you’ve sent and received with SMS reports, found in the Web SMS inbox. The reports let you verify that messages got sent on time and confirm responses from your leads or clients.
  • Message templates: When you’re sending reminders to customers, stored message templates make communication easy. Access your templates through the Web or Gmail SMS portal and update them anytime.
  • Scheduled messages: Set up your messages for the week or schedule a single SMS to send at a particular time. Scheduling messages lets you batch tasks and saves your team time.
  • Signatures: Create signature templates to attach to your messages, giving them flair and personalization.
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SMS for Gmail 

Our SMS solution also allows you to send texts from your Gmail account. Replies will go to your Gmail address.

Before you can use our SMS solution with Gmail, install the free add-on and attach it to your account. You can do so through the G-Suite Marketplace.

When you log into your Gmail account again, you’ll see the Red Oxygen icon on the menu in the side panel. Click on the icon to log into your Red Oxygen account or sign up for a trial.

Additional Instructions

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Gmail SMS Features

Our SMS for Gmail solution lets you send messages through a portal you already know and use—your Gmail account. Take advantage of several handy features:

  • Contact organization: You can send messages to numbers stored in your Google contact lists or enter new numbers. Our add-on also makes it easy to create labels and distribution lists, so you can send bulk messages with a click.
  • Signature and message templates: Save time and energy by setting up custom message templates and signatures.
  • Organize messages in Gmail: Any SMS replies will go to your Gmail inbox allowing you quick reference when using your Gmail interface. You can set up message filters to keep your inbox organized.
  • Send Unicode messages: Red Oxygen’s system recognizes Unicode characters and will deliver messages without any delay. Just a reminder that unicode standard messages are 70 characters. Emojis are counted as unicode characters.
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Get Started Today!

Start Trial: Sign up for our free 15-day, no-commitment trial account, which comes with 25 SMS credits.

Install Software: Install the Gmail SMS plugin or log into the Web SMS site and start sending messages immediately. Switch products whenever you want—your credits will work with every product.

Upgrade to a Paid Account: Choose and purchase a pricing plan at any point of your trial. Our team will help you choose the best plan for you.

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