10dlc Rates by US Mobile Carrier


Each carrier has different through-put levels.

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon are the only carriers that have additional surcharges, though there are several other carriers using the 10dlc registration system for verification of brand and campaigns.

These fees are charged on top of every SMS.

What’s through-put?

In terms of through-put in application-person (A2P) text messaging, it is referring to how many SMS messages are sent within a specified amount of time or other constraints.

With 10dlc/local numbers, SMS throughput is determined by different criteria depending on the carrier.


Determined by campaign type/category.

Campaign ClassUse CaseCampaign TypeSMS FeeSMS
Messages Per Minute (MPM)
Rate Limit Settings
A & BRussell 3000Standard.0024,500Per Campaign
C & DLarge Business
(Vetting required to move from E & F to a higher class)
Standard.0022,400Per Campaign
E & FMedium BusinessStandard.002240Per Campaign
TSmall BusinessStandard.00275Per Campaign
W*Very Small Business/ Sole ProprietorStandard.00215Per Campaign
Not Tagged/ No ClassUntagged traffic after grace period.004Treated at P2P throughput rates and SPAM filtersPer Number
GGroup MessagingSpecial.00260Per Number
KPolitical MessagingSpecial.0024500Per Campaign
N**Insurance Agents, Franchises, BanksSpecial.00360Per Number
PCharity (Nonprofit 501(c)(3))SpecialN/A2400Per Campaign
S***Social Media PlatformSpecial.00260,000Per Campaign
XGovt Emergency/ Public SafetySpecialN/A4500Per Campaign
YK-12 SchoolsSpecialN/A720Per Number
ZPlatform Free TrialSpecial.0026Per Number

*Class S: Platform must obtain “double opt-in” consent from customers and Carrier Approval is required

**Class N requires a minimum of 10 Agents/Branches for a campaign with a maximum of 5,000 Agents/Branches per campaign. 

***Class W is limited to 1 TN per campaign. 



Determined by brand score.

Brand TierVetting TypeScoreBucket Range Maximum
High 3rd Party3rd Party75-100200,000
Upper Mid3rd Party50-7440,000
Lower Mid3rd Party25-4910,000
Low3rd Party0-242,000

Maximum is shared between all campaigns under a brand (per EIN).




All SMS are limited to 6,000 TPM (transactions per minute) per 10dlc.

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