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AI robot hand and human hand getting ready to shake hands

AI and SMS Compliance

September 19, 2023

A2P (application to person) SMS regulations have recently had an onslaught of changes coming in rapid succession, making compliance an uphill battle for companies that think they can do this without implementing some new technology to their infrastructure. Enter AI. Yes, artificial intelligence. It’s already saturating the SMS market when it comes to chatbots and […]

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Tommy Sheahan CEO of Red Oxygen

Tom Sheahan was a guest on The Dirt podcast

May 25, 2023

 The Dirt podcast covers stories of entrepreneurs who have been through it all, they discuss all things business and what these entrepreneurs learned on their path to successfully scaling their businesses. Tom was invited to join Jim Barnish on episode 63 to talk about Tom’s journey with A2P SMS, his learnings, his failures and […]

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Image of Tom Sheahan or Red Oxygen and Aakash Shah of neonVest

Red Oxygen on neonVest’s Podcast

April 25, 2023

 When you have the chance to chat with the co-founder of a VC supercharger about two of your favorite topics, SMS and funding, you do it. Tom Sheahan, our CEO, and Aakash Shah, the co-founder of neonVest discuss a wide range of topics from: SMS and the changing regulations. Should it or will regulations […]

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The FCC Speaks Up

March 17, 2023

While the FCC has had long standing rulings about robocalling, they’ve finally stepped up to enforce rules about robotexting. Making the carriers responsible for blocking texts sent from invalid, unallocated, or unused numbers that are likely scams/illegal messages. But that doesn’t mean messages sent on the up-and-up, like your messages, won’t get blocked in the […]

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Why You Need an MSP for SMS Billing and Compliance

January 31, 2023

Business SMS billing and compliance is complicated, an MSP can help. With recent SMS application-to-person (A2P) rules and regulations giving companies whiplash by adding fees, removing fees, changing fees…and dates, campaign registration updates, etc…too many to list even, now is the time to be looking for an SMS billing and compliance managed service provider (MSP). […]

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