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band aid

Band-Aids Inspired by Text Messages

August 22, 2012

Over the years there have been numerous Band-Aid designs, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or Batman, that help little kids remember to cover small arm and knee scrapes. Today we found a new design by TXTpressions that use common text message expressions and function as arm art. Bringing the popularity of text messages into an […]

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SMS bloopers

“Oops” Messages – 4 social bloopers that will make you smile

July 6, 2012

We’ve all sent out text messages, Facebook messages or Tweets that might’ve been a little… out of place. Come on, you know you’ve sent an awkward message or two. So, in recognition of social blunders, we scavenged the Internet and picked out a few of our favorite “oops” messages. Which one is your favorite? Let […]

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June 19, 2012

Small businesses are more productive today than ever before, and 78% of owners believe it’s because they use mobile apps. Paychex, a payroll human resource firm, recently collected data to see how small business owners and employees are using smartphones to save time.  

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June 15, 2012

These Red Oxygen texts of the week don’t even need a lead. New tumblr site Text From Dog hit our funny bone and then buried it in the backyard.

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Business Feedback Loop

3 Great SMS Text Marketing Ideas

June 14, 2012

Need a few ideas to get the creativity juices flowing? Here are a few quick text message marketing ideas to help. Sales. Sales. Sales. With the economy being a little upside down, show your creativity and your best deals to help bring people in the store. Do you have too many socks? Sell it! And […]

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