Dedicated Numbers – This is your own unique number, for all inbound and outbound messages. Dedicated numbers are an optional extra. Without purchasing one, your outgoing SMS messages will be delivered from different numbers (with different area codes) each time. Message recipients will still be able to send SMS replies back to you through that one-off number. However, the connection will only stay open for 90 days. If you have a static dedicated number, recipients can save your number in their phones. Each dedicated number is connected with one email address, providing recipients with a fixed, direct line of communication with the sender. For this reason, many companies assign a dedicated number to each of their sales reps or branch locations. Also, dedicated numbers provide you with a number to give out instead of a personal mobile number, so you don’t get bothered during your off-hours.
Call Forwarding – If you have a dedicated number, you can activate call forwarding on it. Then if recipients of your SMS call you at the number your message was delivered to them from, their call will be automatically routed to you at a number of your choosing, such as an office landline, switchboard, or cell phone. Without call forwarding activated, inbound calls to the number your SMS was delivered from will not go through to you. Call forwarding is an optional extra. It requires that your have one or more dedicated numbers. Billing is based on the number of minutes you spend talking on the forwarded calls. For rates in your country, please check the pricing plans webpage.

Without purchasing a dedicated number, every SMS you send through Red Oxygen will be delivered from a different number:

With a dedicated number, every SMS you send will be delivered from the same number:

A dedicated number will also enable you to receive inbound phones calls, once you activate the call forwarding feature: