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Legacy Outlook Solutions

Outlook Solutions

For Outlook 2013: Send SMS/text messages straight from Microsoft Outlook 2013! Messages are sent like emails, but are delivered to mobile devices as text messages. Recipients’ text message replies arrive in your Outlook Inbox as emails.

Note: While earlier versions of Outlook came equipped with a built-in tool called Outlook Mobile Service, Microsoft discontinued the tool before ever releasing Outlook Mobile Service 2013. Red Oxygen’s Outlook add-in, Office SMS, is the closest substitute; offering Outlook 2013 users the same functionality and ease-of-use.

For Outlook 2016: Send SMS/text messages directly from Microsoft Outlook 2016! With Red Oxygen’s Outlook add-in, Office SMS, your outgoing messages are sent like emails, but delivered as SMS messages to contacts’ mobile devices. When recipients SMS you back, their messages are delivered as emails to your Outlook Inbox. Office SMS provides Outlook 2016 users with the same text message functionality of Microsoft’s now-discontinued Outlook Mobile Service. (Note: There is no Outlook Mobile Service 2016. Office SMS is the nearest substitute.)

For Outlook 2019: Send and receive SMS/text messages through from Microsoft Outlook 2019, just like emails! Using our Outlook add-in, Office SMS, outgoing messages are delivered to recipients’ mobile devices as SMS. When those recipients reply, their SMS responses will be delivered to your Outlook Inbox as emails. Office SMS offers Outlook 2019 users the same SMS messaging functionality as Microsoft’s now-defunct Outlook Mobile Service. (Note: Outlook Mobile Service 2019 does not exist. Office SMS is the most similar substitute.)


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