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Sending Mass SMS from a PC

Text messages have become the preferred communication method for many device users worldwide. That means if your organization needs to reach large numbers of customers, employees, members or patients, text messaging is the way to go. It also means you need a proven solution for sending mass SMS. You need Red Oxygen.

Our innovative mass SMS service allows you to improve productivity and efficiency while achieving business objectives—music to the ears of every C-suite occupant, midlevel manager or small business owner we’ve ever met.

What Is SMS Mass Messaging?

SMS is the abbreviation for Short Message Service—a simple text. SMS mass messaging is the act of sending the same general text to multiple recipients using software and an SMS gateway. Combining these tools eliminates the need to add personalize each message manually. Do we need to mention the eons of time that saves busy professionals?

With mass SMS messaging, you send your message as individual texts composed all at once. That means you can add personalization features (and everybody likes to feel special, so please do!). Small touches like calling your recipient by name can work wonders for nurturing a meaningful relationship with the people at the heart of what you do. When there’s a reply, it only goes comes to your email inbox, the other people on the list don’t get stuck in the endless group text situation.

Tailoring your SMS also makes it less likely to get caught in the spam filters. Just employ your templates and recipient data to automate the customization process by using relevant details that matter to your audience.

Why Sending From a Computer Is Better

Sending individual texts to dozens or even hundreds of users from a cell phone takes a long time—time you could invest elsewhere in your business. Mass SMS texting from computer software lets you compile, organize, segment and communicate bulk messages from a single location with the click of a button. You have the freedom to send communication instantly or schedule it for later delivery. Messages are entirely customizable depending on the recipient or segment.

Compared to email communication, mass texting meets your customers, clients and employees where they already are—on their smartphones or smartwatches. Users both young and old prefer receiving texts, too. Mass SMS communication lets you build a two-way relationship with your customers or clients.

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How to Use a Mass Texting Service for Your Business

You can adapt a mass text messaging service to fit several needs within your business. Some popular SMS communication opportunities include:

  • Sending coupons or alerting subscribers of upcoming sales.
  • Spotlighting upcoming special events.
  • Announcing new product releases.
  • Sharing information about memberships or subscription programs.
  • Sending restock alerts for specific products.
  • Delivering appointment reminders.
  • Requesting reviews or donations.
  • Reminding users of payments due.

Remember to follow all legal requirements and recommendations when participating in SMS communication. You want to give users the opportunity to opt in and opt out at any time, and you should limit communication to relevant topics and send them during business hours only. Keep language simple and conversational to avoid sounding too robotic. It’s also a good idea to present multiple options for communication so that clients, employees and vendors can reach you in whatever method is most convenient to them including replying to the SMS.

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Red Oxygen Solutions for Mass SMS Messaging

Go ahead and start thinking about all the ways you can use mass SMS messaging. Sending truly personalized texts to your entire contact list or upload new lists with a single click is possible. We have a solution to simplify the process—mass SMS software. The primary difference between them lies in how they work with your existing technology.

Mass SMS Software—No Developer Necessary

Red Oxygen mass SMS software product, Bulk SMS, is the best choice for a single, centralized solution. It allows you to import data from any spreadsheet program that’s in a .csv file format. Use your data fields to create custom templates or one-time messages—the choice is yours. Control when you send them with our scheduling features to ensure delivery when it’s right for you and your recipients.

Our mass SMS software is compatible with both Windows and Linux, and you can easily install it without a developer.

The simplest way to send bulk text messages

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Industries Using Mass Texting

The best part about using a mass texting service is that it’s so versatile—it’s a useful tool in any industry where you communicate regularly with patients, clients, vendors or other stakeholders.

For example, Red Oxygen’s mass SMS software offers unmatched value to organizations like:

Mass texting services can also enhance your internal communication by simplifying how you let employees and stakeholders know about company-wide changes, new products, process or schedule changes, and more. Messages can get to key players faster than they would with traditional email or paper communication, and you can customize delivery to a specified segment to ensure you notify the right people without the need to message everyone individually.

SMS Gateway API—Integration for Existing Infrastructure

We also offer an application programming interface (API), so you can integrate our service with the programs you already use. The SMS Gateway API partners with many popular software platforms, making it an ideal solution for compatibility with your existing applicant tracking system, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise risk management (ERM) and more.

With complete integration, you can streamline workflows and send SMS to contacts through the interfaces you’re already using—no program switching or extra investment into infrastructure necessary.

Contact Red Oxygen to Get Started

Browse our products to see which solutions can help you with your mass communication needs. If you’re not sure which solution you need for bulk messaging or you have other questions about sending text messages from a PC, contact us today. We can answer your questions and steer you to the right product for your needs.