SMS for Healthcare

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Red Oxygen in the Healthcare Industry

Every year, billions of dollars are lost worldwide due to missed medical appointments, procedures and medications. Imagine if you had a fast, real-time way to keep in contact with your patients about their appointments and care. With Red Oxygen short message service (SMS) solutions, you can quickly send information about upcoming appointments and treatments to your patients and even keep your staff in the loop about shifts and changes.

SMS for Healthcare

Remind Your Patients About Upcoming Appointments

In the United States, approximately 30% or more of all medical appointments are missed. These missed appointments eat up valuable time for you and your staff, but also possible appointment time slots for other patients that need your attention and expertise. Using Red Oxygen you can send personalized messages to patients before their appointment, so they remember the date and time.

If a patient needs to reschedule an appointment, Red Oxygen allows them to send a text straight to you and your staff. Unlike other SMS services, you can see and reply to your client’s replies using Gmail, Outlook, a browser and more.

Send Annual Checkup Reminders

Even though all patients should have regular physicals and dental cleanings, most people put off scheduling these appointments. With regular checkups and medical care, healthcare providers can detect disease and illness in the early stages and provide better preventive treatment and early care to prolong patients’ lives. When you send checkup reminders to your patients, you give them a nudge in the right direction so they can live healthier lives.

Medication and Treatment Reminders for Your Patients

It can sometimes be challenging to get chronically ill and elderly patients to remember medication and upcoming treatments. Red Oxygen solutions offer SMS scheduling to send medication reminders without having to set an alarm. And, you can communicate with your patients by text with a dedicated number so your patients can store the number in their contacts so it can be easily recognized in the future.

Better Communicate With Your Staff

Red Oxygen makes sending SMS text simple for more than just the front of your doctor’s office. Whether you need a shift filled or want to communicate important information, you can reach your entire staff in a matter of minutes. SMS communication is particularly effective to let your staff know about upcoming changes to shifts and policies. You can even use SMS messaging to communicate about recent illness outbreaks.

Red Oxygen can help your healthcare practice run smoothly.

Red Oxygen has packages available for every healthcare provider, from the smallest to the largest offices. Communicate one to one or your entire patient base at one time. Whether you’re using Outlook, Microsoft 365, Gmail, application programming interfaces (APIs), and bulk messaging, Red Oxygen has a product ready to help you communicate with your patients and staff.

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