How Enterprise SMS Can Increase Your Efficiency

By:  Amy Dean - Marketing Director

How SMS Can Increase Your Efficiency

Enterprises can use short message services to improve their daily operations, especially relating to efficiency. In today’s hectic business world, time is money. Finding ways to streamline your communication with your team members and customers can help your business reach new heights.

A specially designed enterprise SMS solution can simplify connecting with the people who are central to your business. We are breaking down the features of enterprise text messaging solutions that can help your company thrive.

What Is Enterprise SMS Messaging?

Enterprise SMS messaging allows businesses like yours to send and receive texts. You can use these solutions to connect with customers and employees.

Some of the primary ways businesses can use SMS include:

  • Coordinating with employees.
  • Sharing marketing campaigns or promotional content.
  • Responding to customer inquiries.
  • Sending appointment or reservation reminders.
  • Getting feedback.

One 2022 survey found Americans looked at their phones around 144 times daily. Because we are so well-connected through our mobile devices, SMS makes quickly reaching your target audience effortless.

Business SMS Features That Can Boost Efficiency

Businesses can reap many benefits from using SMS tools, including streamlining communication and saving valuable time. Explore the following SMS features that can help your company grow.

Dedicated SMS Numbers and Call Forwarding

An enterprise SMS solution that allows you to purchase a unique phone number for inbound and outbound text messaging can make your business more productive.

Your customers and employees can save your contact information as a single, unchanging or dedicated number with a local area code. When you share a message, they won’t wonder who it is from or automatically delete it as spam.

When you have a dedicated SMS number, it’s possible to receive phone calls on that number using call-forwarding features that allow you to:

  • Redirect incoming calls to your cell or the appropriate department or person.
  • Answer customer inquiries and connect with staff from anywhere.
  • Shorten response times.

Call-forwarding capabilities help businesses coordinate calls and get the right people on both ends of the line.

Reusable SMS Templates

Coming up with concise, easy-to-understand messages for your audience can be tricky and time-consuming. Luckily, your business can use existing SMS templates to simplify your efforts.

You can use templates for many customer and employee communications. Some examples from Red Oxygen include:

  • Free trial touchpoints
  • Follow-up messages after a demonstration
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Happy birthday notes
  • Consultation reminders
  • Opt-in and opt-out messages

Having a selection of SMS templates at your disposal can reduce the time and energy needed to craft new texts, freeing your team to focus on other critical job functions.

Automation and Scheduling Messages

Automation is one of the most powerful and effective tools for increasing efficiency. Your enterprise can use scheduling tools to plan messages and send them at the perfect moment without lifting a finger.

Your team will appreciate having access to automation tools. In one study, around 90% of employees said trusted automation solutions helped them get more done faster, with fewer errors.

Contact List Management

Dynamic contact list management tools are another way enterprise SMS solutions can help your business increase efficiency. Consumers are interested in signing up for SMS programs from brands they know and trust. Statistics show 91% of shoppers have already agreed to receive text messages from at least one business.



91% of shoppers have agreed to SMS from at least one business


As your business builds its contact list, you must have management tools to maximize your SMS program. By separating your contacts into different distribution lists, you can target people with messages that audience would be interested in receiving.

Two-Way Messaging

Two-way texting is incredibly beneficial for businesses that prioritize customer support. While some SMS solutions only allow users to send outbound text messages, two-way texting streamlines communications with your recipients.

Your customers can get their needs taken care of in real time, and your support staff can resolve incoming inquiries much faster than they would through email or over the phone. Plus, you’ll have a record of the customer interaction to reference if needed.

In addition to customer relations, two-way messaging can work with your team to streamline coordination, answer quick questions and share valuable reminders.

Text From Web Browsers or Email

Another convenient feature of enterprise SMS is allowing users to send text messages from their computer or email account.

For example, Red Oxygen’s Web SMS allows you to send and reply to messages using an easy-to-use online portal.

Red Oxygen’s Gmail SMS solutions give you even more flexibility. You can reach employees and customers via text from your Google account.

Additional Benefits of Enterprise SMS

Besides boosting efficiency, using enterprise SMS can have many other advantages for your business.

  • Easy scalability: A noteworthy perk of SMS solutions is their incredible scalability. They accommodate your business’ growth, allowing you to expand your contact list without hiring additional team members for customer support assistance.
  • Improve customer experiences: SMS makes it a breeze to communicate with your customers. Use text messaging to share relevant information, such as order confirmations, delivery updates, seating availability and reservation reminders.
  • Stay connected with your team and customers: SMS solutions are an excellent way to keep in touch with your team, streamline coordination efforts and stay connected from anywhere. You can also maintain customer engagement and remain top of mind with scheduled messaging.
  • Increase sales: Your business can use SMS to send promotional messages to your customers. Sharing limited-time specials, discounts or other deals over text can encourage your recipients to stay engaged with your business.

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Whether you’re communicating with your customers, volunteers or employees, SMS messaging is a powerful tool to supercharge your overall efficiency. If you’re looking for dynamic business SMS tools, turn to Red Oxygen.

Red Oxygen’s enterprise SMS makes communication simple. Our solutions are scalable to your business, and our team is here to help you every step of the way.

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