SMS: The Gateway to More Sales

By:  Amy Dean - Marketing Director

SMS The Gateway to more sale

It’s the future of mass advertising. Across industries, businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and using Short Message Service (SMS) as part of their advertising campaign. SMS is efficient, attention-generating and highly cost-effective, helping your business reach your audience more quickly and accessibly.

When you take advantage of SMS, you use a gateway provider to deliver texts to customers who subscribe to your messaging. Explore how you can leverage this fast-growing technology to support your marketing goals.

Why Businesses Need SMS to Drive Sales

So why are businesses considering the move to SMS advertising? There are a few key reasons SMS is a critical part of driving sales for your company.

Increased Messaging Visibility

Gartner predicts that 80% of customer service organizations will move to messaging solutions by 2025 because of the enhanced customer experience options like SMS provide. People are much more likely to read SMS over email, as it’s more accessible on their phones and something they check more often. Plus, texting helps ensure your message doesn’t get lost in an inbox, as SMS reports tell you when the text has gone out and when the customer received it.

Higher Sense of Urgency

When sending out texts, you can often create a greater sense of response urgency from consumers. Your subscribers know they’re receiving special offers, such as a discount that’s only available for one day at local stores. Real-time, limited offers can make your recipients more inclined to respond.

Optimized Cost-Efficiency

The days of wracking up fees for postage, paper, printing and associated costs are over — it’s time to move to SMS. With SMS advertising solutions, you can maximize your messages’ reach to thousands of recipients while spending significantly less.

using SMS for your Business

How You Can Use SMS for Your Business

Hiring an SMS gateway provider can help you stay ahead of the curve and communicate with your customers better than ever before. Some ways you can use this powerful tool as part of your marketing strategy include:

  • Building an SMS subscriber list: When you establish an SMS messaging list, you can create a subscriber list that lets you share exclusive offers and exciting updates with your customers.
  • Maximizing interaction: Send out surveys, offer calls to action and solicit feedback through texts, fostering engagement across your subscriber base.
  • Sharing new product updates: When you have an exciting, real-time update, SMS solutions make it easy to share with your subscribers so they can check it out for themselves.
  • Promoting SMS-exclusive offers: Offering special discounts and opportunities only for subscribers gives them a sense of community and urgency to take advantage of their exclusive status.

Leverage the Power of SMS With Red Oxygen

Drawing on over 20 years of industry expertise to meet your needs, Red Oxygen offers the streamlined solution you need to manage SMS customer communication more efficiently than ever before. When you partner with us, we’ll set you up to send SMS right from your computer, making the process fast and easy. We can send your messages to 7 billion devices worldwide from your desktop, and our solution works seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

To learn more about our solutions, reach out to us today and request a free trial.

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