SMS Communication Tips for Tutors


SMS Communication Tips for Tutors

Stay up-to-date with your students and their work through accessible communication with SMS for tutoring services. With texting being one of the most welcome form of communication, it’s become a convenient way for tutors to contact students and their parents for various reasons.

Why Use SMS Messaging as a Tutor?

Tutors are often busy helping multiple students with their studies in various subjects. SMS messaging is an easy way to keep track of your students and make yourself available to them if they have any questions.

5 Tips for Tutors Using SMS

Here are five ways you can leverage SMS communication for your tutoring services.

1. Connect With Parents and Students Quickly

Sending texts lets tutors reach students and their parents fast. Using SMS solutions for quick messaging with tutors is convenient for students, parents, and tutors. SMS allows seamless threads between the sender and recipient so you can keep track of who you’re talking to and what each person has asked or said in the past.

2. Send Emergency Texts

If an emergency comes up, you can easily let your students and their parents know why you’re canceling and rescheduling a session. If you have multiple tutoring sessions on the same day, you can let everyone know at once using  bulk texting and distribution lists, instead of contacting each student individually.

3. Remind Parents and Students of the Schedule

Everyone can benefit from sending a reminder text. Schedules change quickly and often, so set scheduled reminders to confirm the student will be at their scheduled, or rescheduled, session. Reducing no-shows reduces frustration, but will also give you the opportunity to fill that time slot with another student needing your tutelage. Keeping your docket full, helps keep your pocket full with paying customers.

4. Provide Quick Updates

Parents and students can receive quick updates from their tutors about assignments, grades, and upcoming tests. SMS messaging lets you streamline your texts and save time. With a template ready to go, you only need to personalize the message with the recipient’s name and specific assignments.

5. Motivate Your Students

Whether finals are coming up or it’s been a long week at school, a text with a kind message can help your students feel more supported and confident. Set up texts with a quote to arrive on your students’ phones in the morning to help them start the day on a positive note.

Work With Red Oxygen for Your SMS Tutoring Service Needs

Consider Red Oxygen when you need a comprehensive SMS messaging system to help you connect with the students you’re tutoring. With Red Oxygen solutions, you can send texts without disclosing your personal cellphone number. Message your students from your phone, email, or any mobile device as long as you have an Internet connection.

Learn more about how our SMS works for tutoring services, and contact us today or schedule a free demo!

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