Spam SMS vs. Bulk SMS

By:  Brenton Milne - Consultant

Spam SMS are often sent as bulk SMS, but they aren’t one and the same. 

How is that, you ask?

Spam SMS = SMS violating any of our current and presiding regulations and guidelines, often using autodial software.

Bulk SMS = Sending the same text to multiple recipients at the same time, typically using bulk SMS software.

Following a few simple guidelines, sending bulk messages that aren’t considered spam is and easy and efficient way of sending enterprise communications.

Lets break it down a little further:

Bulk SMS

Spam SMS

  • Acquired written consent
  • Unsolicited SMS
  • Identifiable sender
  • Unidentifiable sender (or misleading company name)
  • Previous business/organizational relationship with the recipient
  • Purchased contact list with no consent
  • Obvious opt-out instructions
  • No opt-out instructions
  • Reliable and relatable content for the recipient
  • Request for personal information or claims about your personal information
  • Carriers won’t block these messages if regulations are followed
  • More and more regulations are being put into place that will block and fine senders


Don’t be fooled, there are some smart spam bulk senders out there; remember, that’s all they do, sit around and figure out ways to send nefarious messages for personal gain, either monetarily or pure self-gratification. Do your research if you think a message is corrupt, don’t open if you’re suspicious, and definitely don’t send personal or financial information via text to these leeches.

But bulk or mass sending of SMS is for those companies that want to inform their customers, patients, students or clients with pertinent information about offers, appointment reminders, late fee notices, order status, emergency alerts and any other business related messages, go for it…familiarize yourself with the most abided regulations: TCPA, CTIA, CAN-SPAM, Australia’s Spam Act 2003 (it’s been updated since 2003, promise).

Red Oxygen’s Bulk SMS software is easy to set up and use, with ways to personalize for even better delivery results, upload data from a .csv spreadsheet and store templates for messages that you regularly send out; you can even scheduled text message sends for a future date. For a free trial head over to our sign-up page.

This is not intended as legal advice if you have any specific legal inquiries, contact your counsel. 

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