Common Applications of Operational SMS

By:  Tim Hunt - CTO/Co-founder

Common Applications of Operational SMS

If your business needs to supercharge its communication efforts, operational short message service is an advantageous tool.

SMS messaging is an excellent way to share relevant, timely insights with your team and vendors, from coordinating your staff’s schedules to communicating with delivery drivers. Let’s break down some applications of operational SMS and how your business can benefit from implementing these solutions today.

What Is Operational SMS?

Operational SMS allows businesses to send texts to suppliers and staff, ultimately streamlining their daily operations. SMS is an effective communication tool that lets companies like yours easily connect with the people who help your business thrive.

Enterprise SMS solutions are a quick way to coordinate with your employees and update them on the latest news, like shift availability or shortened hours due to inclement weather.

Your business can also use SMS to foster better relationships with suppliers and vendors. Texts are an easy way to streamline communication and keep everyone on the same page.

5 Examples of Operational SMS

Operational SMS can come in handy for a wide range of uses. Explore ways to incorporate text messaging into your business’ daily operations.

1. Sharing Timely Updates and Logistics Planning

An ideal way to use operational SMS is to share updates regarding your business hours, upcoming availability or emergency alerts. You can keep your team and vendors informed by sending a brief text outlining when you will be open and closed.

For instance, if a massive snowstorm is coming, you can text your contact list that your business is closing early. You can also use SMS to share information regarding things like:

  • Holiday closures
  • Seasonal hours
  • Customer service hours
  • Last-minute closures due to emergencies

Text messages are a timely, effective way to get a message to the right people for easier coordination and planning.

2. Tracking Orders and Deliveries

Another application for operational SMS is communicating status updates for orders and deliveries. Your business can improve efficiency and transparency at every stage.

Your team will appreciate having real-time insights about your orders and when your customers can expect to receive packages. Businesses that operate with delivery appointments can use SMS to send reminders of upcoming drop-offs.

Contacting your delivery drivers directly through SMS lets your business stay more organized and on top of daily operations. Your company can use two-way SMS to address its urgent delivery needs and receive prompt feedback, allowing you to resolve issues faster.

3. Coordinating With Off-Site and On-Call Workers

Businesses can also use SMS to connect with off-site workers, such as field technicians, who help with the following:

  • Servicing equipment
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting issues
  • Performing repairs

If a problem arises, such as an air conditioning or internet failure, your team can easily contact on-call workers via text for support.

You can also share scheduling updates and details about upcoming projects with your off-site team. Text messaging allows your company to track these communications for streamlined organization.

SMS is one of the best ways to reach your field technicians because it has a whopping 98% open rate, and people tend to check out a text notification within the first five minutes of receiving it.

4. Set up Alerts From Different Systems

Some operational SMS solutions can integrate with your other essential systems, such as:

  • Customer relationship management systems
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Vendor management solutions
  • Data security solutions
  • Accounting software

A significant advantage of using SMS integrations is staying abreast of every facet of your operation. If an error occurs or one of these systems needs attention, your team members’ mobile devices will notify them immediately.

5. Employee Communications

Operational SMS is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your team. Again, text messages have a high open rate, so they are the perfect medium for sharing updates and reaching your workers quickly.

Simplify employee communications with an operational SMS solution. Whether you are coordinating work schedules or sending shift reminders, SMS solutions make it easy to get in touch and keep your entire team on the same page. Text messaging is also excellent for telling your staff about closures or modified hours due to an emergency or inclement weather.

4 Benefits of Using Operational SMS

4 Benefits of Using Operational SMS

Check out some primary advantages of using operational SMS for your business.

1. Improve Employee Communication

SMS makes it a snap to connect with your staff, especially compared to other methods like email or phone calls. Your business can save time and effort by communicating through text messages.

Since most people open their text messages within minutes of getting a notification, operational SMS solutions are the go-to channel when you need your messages read immediately.

2. Streamline Daily Operations

Streamlining your business’ daily functions is a clear-cut advantage of using operational SMS. You can simplify life for your staff by keeping them well-informed about happenings at your company.

SMS allows businesses to communicate clearly and effectively, making them more organized and connected with their teams and suppliers.

3. Reduce Errors and Oversights

Operational SMS can also help companies reduce the frequency of errors and oversights in their business.

For instance, if an upcoming shift needs covering, you can contact your off-duty staff and see if anyone is available to work. And with the help of automated reminder messages, you can minimize the number of forgotten appointments or late arrivals.

4. Simplify Vendor Coordination

Coordination with vendors and suppliers is a remarkable benefit of using operational SMS solutions for your business. Email can take too long for the recipient to open, and phone calls are not always easy to track and monitor. Texts provide a convenient way to share updates and connect with the businesses that help your operation continue running smoothly.

SMS messaging allows businesses to tackle tasks like confirming order numbers and requesting delivery updates. These capabilities ensure operations stay on schedule and within budget. Plus, text messaging makes tracking communication for future reference especially simple.

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If your business needs to improve its operations and enhance daily communication efforts, turn to the enterprise SMS solutions from Red Oxygen.

As you grow your operation, you need communication tools that are up to the task. Enterprise SMS service from Red Oxygen is scalable and simplifies keeping up with your vendors, delivery drivers and team members. Your business can send texts from the convenience of a computer or mobile device.

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