Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Using SMS


Real Estate Agent's Guide to Using SMS

The real estate industry is highly competitive, and agents rely on constant contact to sell more properties. SMS messaging is an excellent tool for real estate agents looking to harness more efficient and effective communication with people looking to purchase and sell homes.

SMS solutions allow you to use automation to simplify your job as a real estate professional. From rerouting calls to auto-replying to messages, SMS can take your operations to the next level.

Explore the ways real estate professionals can use SMS to improve their business and establish better connections with buyers and sellers.

6 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Use SMS

Consider how any real estate professional can use SMS messaging to enhance their business.

1. Reminders for Showings and Open Houses

SMS messages enable real estate agents to remind potential buyers about upcoming appointments and opportunities like showings or open houses.

A quick text message can minimize no-shows to scheduled showings and get more probable buyers to open houses.

As a Real Estate Agent, your time is valuable. Using SMS messaging to stay organized and proactive about your agenda can help you increase sales and harness more meaningful connections with potential buyers.

2. Setting up Meetings

SMS solutions allow real estate agents to streamline how they plan meetings and phone calls with other agents, buyers and sellers. Instead of spending hours emailing and calling people, you can send them quick text messages.

By sending real estate messages to clients via text, you can enjoy greater efficiency. You can also send SMS through your favorite email platform with Red Oxygen’s Gmail SMS, Office SMS or Office365 SMS solutions.

3. Promote Listings

Real estate agents can use SMS solutions to promote their listings to people within their network. SMS messaging makes it easy to share links to detailed online listings with photos of the property and additional valuable information about the home.

With Red Oxygen’s 2-way messaging, you can ask recipients to reply to your message if they are interested in the listing. SMS is a quick and efficient solution for promoting your properties.

4. Follow-Ups

As you know, the real estate business is fiercely competitive. By sending follow-ups after meeting with buyers and sellers, you can keep your clients from turning to your competitors or losing interest in the properties you are working with.

Sending follow-up messages will save real estate agents a lot of time and energy. The hours spent calling each of your clients after every meeting or viewing can add up quickly. With SMS, you can cut down on redundant tasks and keep the ball rolling so you can sell more homes.

5. Sale and Price Updates

Things move quickly in the real estate market. Real estate agents can stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape with automated SMS messaging that shares timely updates about new sales and price changes.

Using SMS to send potential buyers this information can help you stay competitive and make moves on attractive listings sooner. Your clients will also be more abreast and aware of the current market.

SMS messaging makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop without creating extra work for you.

6. New House Listings

When working with potential home buyers, you will want to keep them up to date on new listings so they can act fast on the properties they fall in love with.

With SMS messaging, you can set up automated texts to share new listings with information about the properties. Compared to email, texting is a quicker and more attention-grabbing way to alert people to new house listings. Your client will likely see the listing minutes after it arrives in their phone’s notifications.

Benefits of Using SMS for Real Estate

What are the top benefits of using SMS solutions for your real estate business?

Save Valuable Time

In every industry, time is money. When you implement SMS messaging, you can save a lot of valuable time coordinating with and updating your clients.

Save Valuable Time

Automated messages eliminate repetitive tasks, freeing you to focus on other essential aspects of selling homes. SMS messages also speed up the sales process and act fast on competitive listings.

Streamline Real Estate Operations

When you use SMS messaging to communicate with potential buyers and sellers, you can streamline your business operations.

Sending automated reminders can reduce no-shows at meetings or house showings. Keep relevant people in the know and ensure operations remain on schedule.

Share Real-Time Updates

SMS solutions make sharing real-time updates easy. Your business can be more agile and efficient when everyone is up to date on the latest changes.

You can keep your potential buyers involved and engaged by sending updates as they occur. You can also act faster if a client is interested in a specific property.

Establish Better Connections

SMS messaging is an excellent way for real estate agents to establish better connections with buyers and sellers. These solutions make communication more effective. For example, when you send a text message about selling property, you can improve the likelihood that the recipient opens and reads it compared to an email. Then, they can quickly reply and share their thoughts with you.

Tips for SMS Marketing for Real Estate

When implementing SMS marketing into your real estate business, use the following tips to optimize your campaigns.

  1. Share who the message is from: Always sign off with your name or the name of your realty business. The people who are getting your messages need to know they are not dealing with spam, and they also need to know whom to contact with their questions or concerns.
  2. Don’t overwhelm your recipients: You can easily annoy your recipients if you send them messages too frequently. Allow people to opt in to receive updates that may increase how many texts they’ll get, such as notifications about price changes or new listings.
  3. Use personalization: Leveraging personalization is an ideal way to boost engagement rates and catch your readers’ attention. Including each person’s name in automated emails can make them feel more special and connected to your message.

Request a Demo of SMS Messaging Solutions From Red Oxygen

If you are a real estate professional looking to harness and leverage SMS to benefit your business, turn to Red Oxygen. Our messaging solutions are compatible with Gmail, Microsoft and Outlook.

SMS for Real Estate Agents can make it easier to keep in touch with your clients and other professionals in your region. You can also integrate texting features through your customer relationship management system.

Are you interested in learning more about how Red Oxygen SMS solutions can simplify your real estate business? Contact us or schedule a demo of our SMS solutions today.

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