In SMS Marketing, Timing Is Everything

By:  Amy Dean - COO/Marketing Specialist


If you get a message at 3 a.m. from one of your vendors, you probably won’t answer it. You want the companies you work with to respect your time, and you need information that conveniently fits your daily schedule and workflow.

These same considerations are true for your clients. They want reliable timelines and messaging at the proper hours from your business. When working in a global economy, sending timely messages can be more complicated as you contact individuals in different time zones. Red Oxygen has some tools to help you implement the best timing in your day-to-day business operations and communications.

Why Timing Matters

When you choose the right time to send messages, you can get more done. Getting your clients’ attention at a moment that aligns with their schedule allows them to take action sooner. By making communication more convenient for your recipients, you’re also making it easier for your business to manage touchpoints and handle the next steps.

Your strategic approach to messaging can help your entire team more effectively engage clients, so carefully consider your plans for SMS sending schedules.

3 Best Practices for Timely SMS Marketing

3 Best Practices for Timely SMS Marketing

How do you establish timely SMS marketing practices that keep clients happy across multiple time zones? You can follow some fundamental methods to get started.

1. Know Your Audience’s Needs

To effectively manage your business messaging, evaluate your audience and understand their typical schedule. Consider their daily workflow and time constraints, and use your projections and assessments when you schedule texts to deploy.

2. Test Your Messaging System

Before implementing a new system, conduct A/B testing to evaluate your text messages’ timeliness. Pay attention to what time of day best engages customers and decide on key performance indicators (KPIs) you’ll look for during analysis. With strategic testing, you can better understand how and when your audience will react.

3. Consider Your Message Content

Whenever you text your recipients, you want to offer valuable content. Consider how the message context relates to your sending time. If you’re offering promotions for food items, schedule texts around mealtimes. When you’re promoting business solutions, share your message during business hours.

You can send the text promptly after the action occurs for transactional confirmations. Appointments and reminders might be best delivered within a few days of the event.

Explore How Our Solution Can Optimize Your SMS Timing

When you work with Red Oxygen, we’ll help you find solutions for using timing in your favor. Our system lets you keep separate contact lists and schedule them to arrive at appropriate times based on recipients’ time zones. If you want to personalize content for specific communities, we support multiple languages and unicode, so it’s not a problem to send messages in German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French or Portuguese, to name a few.

Whatever your SMS business strategy, we can work with your existing infrastructure to send messages to 7 billion devices worldwide. Don’t wake up your clients in the middle of the night—send your message when they are ready to tackle business.

Want to get started sending messages at the right time for you and your recipients, try Red Oxygen for free.

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