7 Useful SMS Ideas That Will Improve Your Golfers’ Experience


7 Useful SMS Ideas That Will Improve Your Golfers' Experience

As a golf course or country club manager, you understand your golfers’ desires to a “tee.” Primarily, they want to spend as much time on the green as possible. To ensure your members stay updated about their tee times, course conditions, and other country club events, you can rely on short message service (SMS) messaging, aka texting.

SMS messaging can help you deliver information quickly. Most golfers carry a mobile device on them, making it the best way to reach them. Take advantage of text messages’ popularity by implementing SMS into your communication and marketing strategies. Your golf course or country club can connect with members and golfers fast with an SMS solution from Red Oxygen.

SMS Message Ideas for Golf and Country Clubs

Use text messages wisely to appeal to your club’s golfers and members. With SMS messaging, you have an innovative solution to keep your golfers returning for more. While you can use these messages effectively, have a strategy when craft your messages with care to ensure recipients and cell phone carriers do not perceive them as spam.

To help you get started with SMS messaging, here are some SMS ideas for your club’s next communications.

1. Send Reminders

Help golfers and country club members stay on top of their game by sending out reminders via SMS. Implement automated messages to remind golfers when they have a tee time scheduled at your club so they don’t miss it or send reminders about events.

2. Update Golfers on Course Conditions

Golfers signed up to receive your club’s texts will appreciate hearing about the golf course’s condition ahead of their tee times. You can show your dedication to customer service by sending golfers course status updates, such as the green being freshly mowed and ready for golfers or if it’s a bit wet after rain.

Helping golfers know about the green’s condition beforehand can help them prepare for their play.

3. Provide Weather Condition Updates

Use your SMS software to update golfers about the weather at the club. Some members could be traveling from 30 minutes to an hour away, so providing information about the weather can help them decide if they’d prefer to reschedule their tee time.

Your texts could detail the temperature, wind, and cloud coverage to showcase whether the day is good for golf. You could also share a severe weather alert to let golfers know when the forecast includes heavy rain, thunderstorms, and other inclement weather that create unsafe or unpleasant conditions.

4. Invite Members Back to the Clubhouse

Remind golfers of the delishious food and drinks at the clubhouse by inviting them to the 19th hole through your SMS messaging system. With golfers spending hours on the green and under the sun, they likely want to relax, eat, and drink once the game finishes. You could include a special deal in the text to entice them to visit your clubhouse—maybe offer a BOGO deal on drinks or a discount on an appetizer.

You could schedule the text to send after players check in for their game, giving them time to consider whether they want to stop by the clubhouse while playing.

5. Invite Golfers to Events and Tournaments

Send bulk SMS messages to country club members and regular golfers to advertise and invite them to the club’s events and golf tournaments. Depending on the event, you could send the invites to select members so the ones most affected or inclined to participate will receive the message. Perhaps an event is happening later in the evening. You could send a blast inviting the people currently at the club or on the green to stick around.

6. Send Golf Deals and Promotions to Members

Whenever your club has a special golf deal or promotion, ensure your members are the first to find out with a personalized message via text. Your regular golfers and club members will love having first access to discounts and other offers.

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With Red Oxygen, sending SMS texts is simple. You can keep your golfers happy and improve their experience with your golf course or country club by sending automated messages for reminders, event invites, and weather updates. Learn how Red Oxygen’s solutions can help you easily send texts when you contact us and request a demo today!

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