Ways to Engage Fans at Sporting Events With SMS


Ways to Engage Fans at Sporting Events With SMS

In-game experiences and entertainment have come a long way, but one thing remains constant—fans are the lifeblood of any team. Fan engagement creates a community and significantly contributes to a sports organization’s revenue and popularity. Personalized interactions can make people feel more connected to the teams they love. This increased loyalty can translate into more game attendance, merchandise purchases and sponsor participation.

Today, marketers can create a more immersive experience with text message marketing. Using SMS for fan engagement allows sports teams and venues to tailor the fan experience, improving response rates and boosting on- and off-season promotions. Data-driven engagement with SMS can revolutionize how fans engage with sports and increase satisfaction.

6 Tips for Using SMS to Encourage Fan Engagement

Keeping fans informed has never been easier! From venue details to event updates, SMS makes it a breeze to command fan attention and boost their engagement. Here are some examples of how your marketing team can use SMS to maximize your reach.

1. Provide Timely News and Updates

Fans want to stay in the loop about their favorite fantasy sports teams and league events. Marketing with SMS enables your business to send timely updates about player news, injuries, trades, call-ups and upcoming games. SMS gives you a direct line to fans and attendees, which is also critical for live events. For example, before a game, you can use text message marketing for sports teams to deliver real-time updates on:

  • Weather delays
  • Schedule changes
  • Road closures
  • Parking instructions
  • Lineup changes
  • Suggestions for avoiding traffic
  • Hazards in the area

This connectivity positions your business as a trusted source of information. It also helps fans stay engaged by receiving relevant information on their mobile devices.

2. Send Game-Day Reminders

Updates and last-minute changes are essential, but reminders ahead of a game can be just as engaging! Keep fantasy league sports fans in the loop and minimize missed opportunities with reminders like these.

  • Event start times
  • List of prohibited items
  • Bag restrictions
  • Health requirements
  • Instructions for downloading mobile tickets
  • Apparel for themed games
  • Venue details and maps
  • Designated entry points

These reminders can increase attendance and engagement, particularly for out-of-town visitors who travel to support their team at away games. Avid sports fans who attend many games have busy schedules — they might forget when and where their next event is. SMS solutions make it easy for people to keep track of upcoming commitments.

Your business can also streamline event entry and prevent long lines by sending timely reminders via SMS.

3. Attract Fans With Exclusive Deals and Promotions

Unique perks and discounts are the best way to thank fans for their loyalty. Using SMS to communicate and market your brand, you can alert devoted fans with exclusive offers, including:

  • Ticket discounts
  • Special merchandise offers
  • Access to pre-sale tickets
  • Concessions promotions
  • Exclusive contests and events
  • Spontaneous giveaways
  • Mobile-only fan club offers


These exclusive offerings make fans feel privileged and appreciated, which can result in more ticket sales and merchandise revenue. For example, you might send a one-time code for a 25% discount on any merchandise item for fans who opt into your text messaging list. You could also promote season ticket plans with a two-for-one deal or discounted home jersey. Use this opportunity to get creative and send one-time codes fans can use to support your new campaigns.

4. Gather and Implement Fan Feedback

Talking directly to your most dedicated fans can help you boost engagement rates by getting their feedback. You can create surveys, polls or response forums that encourage fans to tell you about their satisfaction with the venue. For example, ask them to suggest ideas for improving the arena, such as adding more concessions kiosks or implementing tap-to-pay technology.

Gathering intel can help you identify areas for improvement and implement changes that deliver better fan experiences in the future. We recommend sending feedback surveys immediately after an event ends, when the game is still fresh in their minds. No matter how you collect responses, interact with fans and let them know their voices matter. Send thank-you texts and communicate your appreciation for their long-term support.

5. Give Fans a Behind-the-Scenes Look

Diehard sports fans keep rooting for their teams even in the off-season. SMS for fantasy sports and professional leagues can cultivate superfan fervor by connecting people to exclusive, behind-the-scenes content they can’t find anywhere else:

  • Replays of thrilling game moments
  • Highlights from the season
  • Exclusive team photos
  • Coach and player interviews
  • Shareable content
  • Player stats and trivia
  • Exclusive Q&As or virtual events

These special snippets give your fans an all-access pass to your team or venue’s content. Shareable content, in particular, can generate lots of free word of mouth.

6. Cultivate Superfans With Personalization

Sports fans are incredibly enthusiastic and passionate, so your marketing team should base your tactics on more than selling products. Communicating via SMS enables you to foster relationships and meaningful experiences with fans, cementing their connection and loyalty to your brand.

To achieve this engagement, personalize their experiences and make every interaction with your team or venue more enjoyable. Thanks to mass texting’s interactive nature, you can foster authentic connections with tailored messages that speak directly to each fan—addressing them by name and highlighting events they might be interested in.

Personalization makes people feel valued and creates a more genuine connection than cookie-cutter templates. You can also cultivate memorable experiences by encouraging fans to engage with your business naturally through interactive elements, including:

  • Links to livestreams
  • Real-time votes and surveys during games
  • Giveaways
  • Comments and photos for the jumbotron
  • Raffle results
  • Fun polls
  • Ask-me-anything sessions
  • Messages about specific players or games
  • Customized ticket or merchandise offers

Text marketing for sports venues and teams elevates fan experiences by gathering data on their interests and preferences, helping you craft content that resonates across the board. Additionally, immediate interaction through SMS can build a sense of community for your fans to stay engaged with your brand.

Boost Sports Fan Relationships With SMS Solutions From Red Oxygen

Your ability to form genuine connections with fans can make all the difference in your team’s popularity and revenue. A communication tool like SMS lets you send personalized messages from your computer to increase fan engagement. Whether you want to share exclusive promotions or never-before-seen content, these texts will make your fans feel included.

Partner with Red Oxygen to streamline and enhance fan communications. Go beyond standard updates and craft engaging texts encouraging fans to interact with your business. Do you want to learn more about the power of leveraging business SMS? Request a demo online or contact us today!

Boost Sports Fan Relationships With SMS Solutions From Red Oxygen

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