Partnership: Red Oxygen and RMS

By:  Amy Dean - Marketing Director

We’re proud to announce our formalized relationship with Mercury by RMS.

Red Oxygen and RMS, Inc., a global leader in housing and Conference management have formalized our long-standing partnership that provides seamless integration and reliable delivery of SMS using the Red Oxygen SMS gateway API through the Mercury by RMS platform.

Adding the power of texting to the robust Mercury platform gives universities and college administrators the ease of connecting with their staff and students to provide immediate and personalized information that has a 90% chance of being seen within the first 3 minutes according to research from Gartner. 

Students always have their phone within a backpack’s length, so sending due date reminders, campus alerts, roommate confirmations or account notifications via SMS will save university staff time and will get the results a busy school administration needs to keep things running smoothly. 

If you are already working with Red Oxygen to send SMS from Mercury by RMS, thank you.

If you use the Mercury platform and would like to try it for yourself, we’d like to invite you to visit our partner page to learn more about what Red Oxygen can offer and how SMS will enhance your communication through Mercury.

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