RMS Alerts Increases University Communication


SMS for Universities

Colleges today are faced with an inevitable dilemma: Students don’t often read their emails but schools need a way to reach them for emergency and other important situations. More schools like Northern Virginia Community College and the University of Southern Mississippi are using text messages to warn students of campus alerts and emergencies.

How SMS & RMS Can Increase Student Engagement

RMS Alert is a new service through Resident Management Systems (RMS), a housing portal for students to easily access rent payments, service requests, housing selection, and other housing solutions online. More schools are using SMS to contact students about acceptance to universities, on-campus events, library book returns, and other services.

To keep messages from one department separate from others, such as keeping the emergency SMS number separate from the library so students won’t be inundated by other texts, departments can send messages through their own dedicated numbers so students can easily recognize the contact and opt-out of the ones they don’t need.

Students can also respond to texts. Replies are sent via email to the account associated with the Red Oxygen dedicated number. SMS is a great new way for schools to immediately reach students and staff. For instance, over 98% of texts are read and 84% are opened in two minutes.

Red Oxygen Makes SMS Easy

We make RMS and SMS for your college or university simple. Our dedicated team will work with you to find the best solutions for your specific needs.  Contact us today to learn more or start your free trial today.

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