SMS Marketing Tips

The Basics of SMS Business Marketing

March 14, 2022

Leveraging SMS as part of your marketing strategy should be simple and convenient. Your system should work seamlessly with your operations and help your company enhance client and employee communications. Whatever your business goals, knowing how SMS marketing works and how to apply it in your company can help you move forward. You want solutions […]

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How to Keep Your SMS Messages From Being Blocked

February 28, 2022

Short message service (SMS) marketing involves sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes through text messages. These messages often communicate time-sensitive offers, updates and alerts to people who have consented to receive notifications from your business. SMS marketing has become much more popular recently because of its higher success rates over traditional forms […]

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How SMS Messaging Can Improve Communication for Colleges and Universities

February 17, 2022

With a heavy Gen Z demographic, colleges and universities need tech-first strategies for staying in touch with their students. And, unlike K-12 schools, higher education facilities are often spread out, with many buildings, transportation methods and even multiple campuses. Short message service (SMS), also called texting, is an excellent way to communicate with these students […]

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Tax season

How SMS Can Make This Tax Season Easier

January 19, 2022

Tax season is a hectic time for tax professionals and taxpayers alike. Luckily, adding SMS as a means of communication you can make tax preparation easier for you and your customers. SMS, better known as texting, offers you the ease reaching out to customers where they are, and your customers’ stress level can be lessened […]

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In SMS Marketing, Timing Is Everything

January 10, 2022

If you get a message at 3 a.m. from one of your vendors, you probably won’t answer it. You want the companies you work with to respect your time, and you need information that conveniently fits your daily schedule and workflow. These same considerations are true for your clients. They want reliable timelines and messaging […]

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