Man registering 10DLC

What is the 10dlc Registration Process?

September 6, 2022

What is 10dlc registration? In short: The 10dlc (10-digit long code) registration process is a way to supply the carriers with the information they need to provide your business fast SMS throughput and message management without spam getting in the way. This doesn’t mean you’ll get the fastest throughput, but it does mean they aim […]

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10DLC Fees

10dlc Fees and Fines

August 29, 2022

As of March 31, 2023, most DCAs (direct connect aggregators) participating in the 10dlc registration process will not support any A2P messages from unregistered long-codes. Along with this new deadline, this post has been updated with the most recent fees and fines. (March 2023) So, here’s the lowdown on the current fees and fines related […]

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Mass text messaging

Group vs. Bulk Texting

August 28, 2022

Group texts and bulk text, we’ve all experienced both, but may not know how very different they are.  Group texts are obvious, they contain two or more names or numbers in the ‘to’ field. If sent by my sister-in-law, I would say there are way too many names and numbers in the ‘to’ field…organizing a […]

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Developer sitting at their desk with arms crossed.

It’s Not a Developer Problem

August 4, 2022

So, what’s the problem? Due to 10dlc, when your customers send SMS, it’s costing you money that you’re likely not recouping. This is a business problem that effects your bottom line. What’s your SMS billing solution?   With two decades of SMS and telco experience under our belt and 10dlc regulations tightening, we saw this […]

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man on phone in stripped shirt

Text Alerts ARE Customer Service

July 15, 2022

Today more than ever, good, dare I say, great customer service is crucial to loyal and repeat business. In these days of more is more, if you don’t offer high quality customer service, the customer has no qualms about moving onto a different company. The first chance it normally the only chance. Keeping your brand […]

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