Using SMS Gateway

flip phone in hand
May 17, 2013

If you want to send a message to a large number of people, using an SMS Gateway may be the perfect solution to get your marketing heard. The majority of people these days own a mobile phone, and check them regularly for calls and messages. Wouldn’t it be great if you could access this huge […]

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5 Reasons You Should Be Using SMS Marketing

5 reason sms marketing works
May 7, 2013

Walk through any mall, sit on any park bench, or buy a ticket to see any movie and most of the people you see are walking head’s town, thumbs flying on their phone pads. And it isn’t age specific. Chances are it will be someone younger, but people of all ages text. It is for […]

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Why isn’t SMS more popular?

sms logo on mobile
May 1, 2013

Messenger programs like WhatsApp and iMessage are increasing in popularity. Since more people in the world have feature phones, why isn’t SMS more popular? According to research firm Informa, more people are now sending messages via messenger apps rather SMS. Today it is much easier to message across the world using via internet based programs […]

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Expressing sarcasm in texts and emails

expressing sarcasm in a text
April 13, 2013

The business of sending tongue-and-cheek messages across electronically can be risky. (Obviously not in this text message above!) But it has been a long-standing problem for those with a darker shade of humor. Here’s an example of one company that invented a new punctuation mark to express sarcasm through texts and emails: SarcMark.  To download […]

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