Companies using SMS to reach larger mobile audiences

girl on cell phone
April 12, 2013

More businesses are switching to text messages instead of voice calling or email. Let’s pretend you need to speak with your close friend in the next hour. Would you prefer to use a text message or an email? More people around the world may be ditching their feature phones and upgrading to smartphones. However most […]

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How NOT to send SMS messages

text message spam graphic
March 8, 2013

The FTC is cracking down on SPAM after finding an overwhelming number of illegal SMS messages and emails. These defendants took the limits of communication laws to the limit. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced today that 29 people are being sued for sending over 180 million unsolicited text messages to consumers. The text messages offered “free gift cards” […]

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Verifying customer consent is more important than ever

judge's hand with gavel
February 6, 2013

Companies that send SMS messages need verification that their receivers have opted-in to receive messages. The age of smartphones has begun. People today are even more attached to their phones than ever before. And the fear of companies breaking into the personal mobile bubble is on the rise. For the past four years, customers have […]

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3 Creative SMS Ideas for Restaurants

couple at lunch
January 30, 2013

Text message (SMS) marketing is a great tool for restaurants to connect with customers. Here are a few creative ways to use SMS in 2013: 1. Hooters is using SMS to increase foot-traffic. The restaurant sends deals to its opt-in list in order to increase customers on slower days. For example, Hooters sent a text message […]

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The Queen tells a funny

Eric Pickles snowman
January 19, 2013

For the past year we’ve been bringing you our favorite text messages on Friday. So, without further adieu… here’s the funniest text of the week! Maybe this isn’t really The Queen of England. But it’s snowing in London and this picture is hilarious! Nice one, Queeny. For more funny texts and Twitter posts, follow us […]

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