5 ways SMS Can Streamline Communications to Union Members

By:  Brenton Milne - Consultant

Contractor in union using a level

So much information, so little time…but SMS text messages can help you alleviate information fatigue. 

Email, the tried and… over-tried and often ignored method of communicating to your union members is just not cutting it anymore. People are looking for quick easily digestible bits of information with a clear path to action. 

SMS text messaging offers that solution with fast and reliable communication, that has a 98% read-rate (90% are read within three minutes of receipt) over its email cousin that has a 23% open-rate that drops basically to zero if not read within the first hour.

But how does SMS make it easier to communicate with my union?

From national, to regional and  local, there’s a lot to communicate. We’ll share just a few of the infinite ways SMS texting can make it easier to effectively and efficiently communicate with your members, while being respectful of their time and privacy…all from your computer.

The dreaded ‘dues overdue’ phone call—so make it a text. You can reach the member without the embarrassment. Likely, it was an honest mistake, so a personalized text reminder is a helpful nudge and no one else knows (unless they are in their car and have Seri read the text out loud in the carpool lane) . Send the link that directs them to the payment page on your site, so all they have to do is tap. 

Sometimes it happens in an instant —so the bulk emergency notification needs to be sent in the same amount of time. Be it notice of a strike, or bad weather—having emergency distribution lists already uploaded to Bulk SMS gateway can help get that message out to hundreds or thousands of numbers even faster.

Oh, that’s tonight?—life is so busy these days, things can easily slip your mind. Sending a reminder of an upcoming meeting where every vote counts can help ensure a quorum is met and nothing has to be delayed until next month. From the charity bake sale or that required training course a text can be just enough to get them there.

New opportunities around the corner—sending job postings or apprenticeship opportunities to folks that have requested the information just might help one more person find their new favorite job. It’s easy to send to one person or 50, and with 2-way communications, you can put them in touch with the person that can help get them there.

Think you have all the answers—you probably do, that’s why people always come to you with the questions. Having a dedicated number that allows members to store the number in their address book allows them to do just that…or if your dedicated number has call-forwarding…they can call, if they are old-school like that.

Sending texts will save you time and energy (heck, you can send from a spreadsheet, use a template, send through your current member management software, so many ways that will simplify your life), and your members will thank you (well, maybe not so much in words), because you’ve made it easier for them to act on the information by including a link to easily pay their due or that simple tap-on-the-shoulder reminder of the meeting without them ever having to launch their email.

Choose Red Oxygen for Your SMS Messaging Needs

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