SMS for Student Housing


SMS Messaging in the Education Sector

Keeping students in the know is important for their success. The life of a college student is packed with events, assignments and extracurricular activities. Using SMS for education purposes ensures they can stay on top of it all, including information relating to housing requests and alerts.

Higher education officials oversee thousands of students in a semester. Those in charge of housing can use Red Oxygen solutions to ensure ease of custom communication that reaches their intended audience quickly and efficiently. Administrators, RAs, housekeeping, maintenance and students alike will benefit from the speed and ease of sending SMS texts.

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SMS Text Message Payment Reminders

Undergraduate and graduate students have a lot on their plates. From studying for final exams to completing research assignments, it’s easy to forget about housing paperwork, payments and deadlines. Coordinate an SMS text messaging system to let students know when money is due. Senders are able to personalize messages using Red Oxygen. Include a salutation line including the recipient’s name to grab the attention of the reader. You can send reminders from your location on or off campus.

Emergency Housing Notifications

SMS messaging works to keep students safe from unexpected events taking place near campus. Everything from building power outages and water shutoffs to traffic accidents can be communicated through text or email. Send multiple updates from the same phone number or email address to ensure students remain in the loop. SMS for college housing makes it easier for students to stay out of harm’s way.

Building Maintenance and Repairs

SMS for college and university housing is a proactive way to keep renters content. Schedule construction, inspections or repairs with the option to let tenants know of any upcoming inconveniences. Real-time updates about apartment complexes or dorms allow students to plan out their days ahead of time.

Red Oxygen solutions work with any browser or operating system. Message one person or thousands to inform them about boiler work, snow removal procedures and anything applicable to students in housing.

SMS for school

About Red Oxygen SMS Capabilities

Red Oxygen enables educators and university personnel to send emails or text messages to specific groups of students. Texts and emails are primary forms of communication for those in college, so an SMS service is an ideal way to share updates quickly.

Red Oxygen’s SMS technology is compatible with programs you use daily. We make it easy to communicate via Outlook, Office, Google and other platforms for time-sensitive matters. Whether you’re looking to send a scheduled message or send information to students in a specific residence hall, Red Oxygen provides you with the tools you need for prompt notifications.

Why Choose Red Oxygen?

Red Oxygen has been in business for 20 years, which makes us one of the most experienced providers for your SMS needs. Our SMS solutions for student housing drop into your current infrastructure for the ultimate convenience. Whether students are shopping off-campus or sitting in class, you can share SMS messages with updates that just can’t wait.

Learn More About Red Oxygen SMS Solutions for University Housing

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