Cracking Down on SMS Spam


It’s almost certain that you’ve received an email asking for “your financial help” to bring money from an “unknown king” into your bank account and you can earn a percentage of his wealth! All he needs is all your bank details, social security and mother’s maiden name, etc. According to experts, almost 75% of all email today is spam and now over one million phone users have reported receiving spam text messages. In 2011, the U.S. and the U.K. encountered random spats of what is now being termed as “SMS Spam” and are working hard to keep it from becoming a future problem.

In the U.S., a number of Android users downloaded free apps for premium games that started a chain of text messages for false services. In the U.K., businesses are purchasing pay-as-you go phones to send false text messages from bank services. “Something we do here at Red Oxygen is that we check and double check all of our clients to ensure that the messages they send are not spam,” says Roland Castillo, technical support at Red Oxygen. “In ten years, we’ve never been shut down. We put time and effort into ensuring that all of our customers are valid companies using SMS for legitimate business purposes and taking full advantages of our services. It also keeps us in touch with what our real clients need.”

The point is, bulk SMS text messaging should be for companies to reach employees, business partners and elite business customers – not for sending out to thousands of people through uncertified lists. “We comply with the Australian Communications and Media Authority Spam Act and rules for text messages, which are some of the strictest in the world. Especially since Australia was one of the first markets to send bulk SMS messages,” says Kassandra Macdade, marketing manager at Red Oxygen. Today, over 30% of legitimate businesses in Australia use SMS to send marketing to clients. “We have system alerts in place to pick up any SPAM type content and monitoring replies,” says Macdade. With ten years of constant quality service on our backs, you can count on at least one SMS company to always get your message out.

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