For the Love of Texting


Internet psychologist Graham Jones helps businesses understand their customer base. This month he investigated the popularity of text messages in an age of email, social media, and instant messaging platforms to answer: Why is it that texts have continued to be important in our society?

According to Jones, text messages are “faster than a call, remains both deeply personal while also practical, and is still the preferred messaging method globally.” The technology is also available across any mobile phone, reliable, and faster since more people tend to check their text messages more than social media sites.

Among the many text message statistics that Jones investigated, one surprising finding is that men text more than women. Jones suggests that they see text messaging as functional ways to deliver short messages – to let people know when they will arrive, etc. It’s also why women might not want to get into a conversation via text. They would prefer a deeper conversations, which is why they might send longer messages than men.

Jones believes that text messaging is likely to remain popular for years to come, stating that “some things, such as SMS, are simply universal. This is why we still rely on and still love SMS.” [Huffington Post UK]

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