“Hey Doc” Messages on the Rise


Pediatricians today are sending more SMS text messages, raising the question of information security in hospitals.

A new survey released by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that the number of clinicians sending work related SMS messages is on the rise.

The responses gave further insight on the way modern hospitals operate:

  • Respondents prefer using SMS messages to send brief updates to each other (27%).
  • Many clinicians were receiving messages on their personal cellphones (41%).
  • Respondents were nervous that sending patient information via SMS messages might violate HIPAA rules (41%).

Since the survey of the industry was taken on a small scale, the impact of SMS messages in hospitals still needs plenty of research. But it’s certain that as feature and smartphones become more prominent in the medical sphere, more secure means of messaging and communications will be needed to ensure clinicians are meeting HIPAA regulations.

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