INFOGRAPH: Summer Vacation and the Mobile Addiction


The 2012 summer holiday season in the U.S. and Europe are quickly approaching. The big question of the summer is: Should I bring my phone on vacation?

PC Housing, a short term housing provider in San Diego, Calif., drew up a new infograph that shows the impact of smartphones on business travelers. The results? Mixed bag. Smartphone business travelers are more likely to work on vacation (94%) and don’t exercise at all or erratically (56%). However, more people are multi-tasking thanks to technology (98%) and sleeping more thanks to the time the extra time mobiles free up (75%).

Chances are most smartphone users will work during vacation if they bring the phone but they’ll also worry if they don’t. Seems like an old case of “stressed if you do, stressed if you don’t.” So, should the smartphones and tablets stay out of the family mini-van? Maybe not, but at least try to restrain yourself to read only funny emails on Friday during vacation.

Source: PC Housing

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