Missing children text messages


Are missing children text alerts helpful or intrusive?

Amber Alert text messages were sent to southern Florida residents early Monday morning.

Denise Hernandez, a 2-year-old South Florida resident, went missing from her home.

The Collier County immediately notified the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). The text message was sent to thousands of phones near the Collier phone tower at 1:42am.

In missing children cases, the first 24-hours are critical. This text message is only one of many to come. The NCMEC have recently started using emergency alert text messages to help find missing children.

Not all people were happy about the response. Immediately people started posting comments about the text message on Facebook. The question is whether or not this new system will be accepted by those receiving them. Cellphone users have the option to opt out of emergency alerts.

This new use of technology has the potential to save hundreds of children’s lives.

Have you received an Amber Alert text message? What are your thoughts? Email angie.castillo@redoxygen.com

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