SMS Tips and Tricks: Coupons


In 2008, SuperStop gas station started sending SMS alerts to customers the night before a price change to warn them of rising prices. After a few weeks the owner noticed a response rate of approximately 20 percent of customers coming into the shop to pay with cash. That didn’t even count the amount of customers paying at the pump!

TIP: Treat your SMS contact list the way you would treat your closest friends. Send coupons or alerts of price adjustments when people can save an honest penny, especially if it’s a high demand product or service.

Even better, separate your list into people you think would like to receive coupons and which ones would like to receive updates. That way you won’t be surprised by a large dropout rate if you aren’t sending a daily deal.

Test it out! Let us know how it goes. If you have questions on how best to use SMS in your marketing strategy or have a good tip to share with other Red Oxygen users, contact Angie Castillo.

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