Tips for Better SMS


Not exactly sure how to write a successful bulk SMS text message?
Here are a few examples of successful texts that may help you or your company look more personable.

  • Use the person’s name: Think of sending a text message the same as you would when you make a call. First you introduce yourself and say where you are from. “From Kassandra @ Grandstream.”
  • Apply the keep-it-simple principle: SMS stands for “Short Message Service” – so make sure your SMS isn’t not too wordy or long. “We thank you for shopping with us and look forward to seeing you again soon. Please retain this SMS to receive 10% off your next purchase.”
  • Say good-bye… and opt-out available: You need to allow the recipient to opt-out of receiving your text messages. This is only relevant if you intend to send more than one SMS. Many customers welcome an SMS that reminds them of the monthly sales – and in this case you need to end your text message with, “If you do not wish to receive SMS from us please reply STOP.”

Here’s an example of what a Bulk SMS promotion should not look like: “Kathy we have 25% off everything store wide this weekend only. Hurry in before all stock is sold!”

A successful promotional SMS would follow this format: “From Sally’s Boutique 866 990 8398. Hi Kathy, we have 25% off everything store wide this weekend only, look forward to seeing you in store. To stop SMS alerts reply STOP.”

When sending SMS please note the following regulations:

  • Consent – Do I have permission to send this message?
  • Identification – Have I said who this message is from and provided a contact number?
  • Working unsubscribe – Have I given the recipients a way to opt-out of receiving messages when necessary?

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