Verifying customer consent is more important than ever


Companies that send SMS messages need verification that their receivers have opted-in to receive messages.

The age of smartphones has begun. People today are even more attached to their phones than ever before. And the fear of companies breaking into the personal mobile bubble is on the rise.

For the past four years, customers have been suing companies for sending them unsolicited SMS messages, also known as SMS SPAM.

The courts are issuing large fines to the companies responsible for sending unsolicited SMS messages.

Three things that you must have for every SMS message:

  • Customer’s consent
  • Accurate identification of your company
  • An way to opt-out or unsubscribe

Make sure your company is safe by following the FCC and ACMA guidelines for sending SMS messages. For further information, visit the ACMA “Ensuring you don’t spam” webpage.

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