SMS Marketing for Banks

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Over the years, the financial industry has simplified its customer experience through technological advancements. Mobile banking through the bank’s smartphone app has become the preferred method of banking for many customers. Because banking customers are already adept at using their smartphones, SMS marketing solutions such as SMS messaging are an ideal fit. With Red Oxygen, you can send SMS messages to your customers to help them manage their finances.

Mass communication

SMS text messaging is one of the most universal communication methods available because all phones with texting capabilities can receive SMS, not just smartphones. Compared to emails, texts are more likely to be read and are easier to receive since they do not require an internet connection or an app. SMS marketing is one of the best ways financial institutions can reach their customers.

Customer loyalty

Banking customers appreciate receiving timely notifications about account issues and will be more likely to continue banking with your institution.

Quick return on investment

SMS marketing for banks is simple to implement, and you’ll see a quick profit from having more quality interactions with your customers.

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SMS Marketing Solutions and Strategies for Financial Institutions

Text messages are a discrete, simple way to alert customers to urgent items regarding their accounts. Since text messages have a high open rate, the customer is likely to receive the information. They can also act on it right away since the texts are delivered in real time. SMS messages can alert customers to changes such as:

  • Low balance: Immediately notify the customer about a balance under the required minimum so they can take action right away.
  • Unusual purchases: Notifying customers of suspicious transactions can prevent fraud.
  • Fraudulent login attempts: Alerts about attempted logins allow customers to secure their accounts immediately.
  • ATM use: Send an alert when the customer’s card has withdrawn money at an ATM. This feature is especially useful for transactions with a high withdrawal amount.

SMS marketing for financial services can also be valuable for other services like:

  • Announcements for new services and capabilities
  • Loan application status
  • Special loan rate or referral offers
  • Real-time stock updates
  • Tips for financial planning and ways to save money
  • Financial policy news and updates
  • Appointment reminders to prevent no-shows
  • Reminders for filing taxes and status updates on tax returns
  • Reminders for paying credit card bills to avoid late fees
  • Special offers for CDs and high-interest options

Get Your Free Trial for SMS Messaging From Red Oxygen

SMS marketing for banks improves communication with customers and helps them meet their financial goals and manage their accounts with ease. This enhanced relationship can turn into customer loyalty and increased profits.

Red Oxygen enables you to send one-on-one or bulk messages with ease using your preferred software. Our 15-day free trial with no obligation will help you discover the benefits of SMS marketing for banks for yourself. Claim your free trial with Red Oxygen or contact us with any questions you have.

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